Rule 5: OccupyWallStreet Was Doing It Wrong

Leave it to a bunch of hot Ukrainian feminists to show a bunch of stinky American hippies how to stage a protest. These lovely ladies even shave their armpits – something that would be questionable about the OWS folks – should one be brave enough to check.

These ladies are protesting the financial summit in Davos, Switzerland and managed to get themselves arrested.

Three topless Ukrainian protesters were detained on Saturday while trying to break into an invitation-only gathering of international CEOs and political leaders to call attention to the needs of the world’s poor. Separately, demonstrators from the Occupy movement marched to the edge of the gathering.

After a complicated journey to reach the heavily guarded Swiss resort town of Davos, the Ukrainians arrived at the entrance to the complex where the World Economic Forum takes place every year.

With temperatures around freezing in the snow-filled town, they took off their tops and tried to climb a fence before being detained. “Crisis! Made in Davos,” read one message painted across a protester’s torso, while others held banners that said “Poor, because of you” and “Gangsters party in Davos.”

Judging from the photos, it is pretty chilly in Davos right about now.

Just for future reference, should any hot, topless, model quality Ukrainian feminist protesters try to break into any top secret global domination summit that I’m part of, I’m letting them in. This brunette in the handcuffs looks like she is posing for Vogue during fashion week in Paris (except for the granny panties – I would have thought that Victoria’s Secret or Agent Provocateur ships to the Ukraine – sounds like a business opportunity).

No wonder Time magazine voted “the protester” as the “person of the year”.

Kudos to you, Masterfemmes of International Protest, for showing the rookies in Zuccotti Park how it is done…and guaranteeing coverage (pun intended) here are TNRL!

Bob Belvedere at TCOTS has Erica Durance

11 thoughts on “Rule 5: OccupyWallStreet Was Doing It Wrong

  1. This one excellent piece of modern media synthesism, a fascinating, simply fascinating, juxtaposition of words and pictures to make the point. The point IS that the Ukrainian protesters are right about…that thing they’re protesting, correct?

  2. if chics are gonna get naked because of some economic policy, what is the motivation to change the policy? i wonder if more policy = less clothes. i do know that in my one very unsuccessful relationship, “holding out” was a very good motivation for changing my ways.

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