A time of choosing, of consequences dire,

A path for walking, a destination desired.

Questions unanswered, we shuffle alone,

To a future uncertain and a status unknown.

Yet a future created by our very actions sworn,

Decisions taken and emblems worn,

We choose our own dénouement,

An end to the storm.

Where will we go, what shall we do?

Empty promises, blind ideology, are these the clue?

No more say I, bound ever by this chain,

The cost too great, too agonizing the pain.

If there be honor left in this world,

Stand by the men whose timber shows the burl,

Of truth, of piety, of honor wrought,

Battle scarred and hardened of wars fought.

Men of principle, of conscience strong,

Men afraid not of change when a course is wrong,

Guided by destiny and sure of the goals,

Citizens of true progress, sailing away from life’s shoals.

Freedom does matter,

Under tyranny its flag is tattered,

Today it suffers, its constitution unwell,

The person is the thing, the sound of liberty’s bell.

The alpha and omega, the beginning and end,

The basis for living, the immortal soul’s friend,

Freedom is a choice, oppression the antithesis,

Absent of it, existence is futile – an impossible paralysis.

Surrender not to fantasy, reality our accord,

Truth shall be the light, as history shall record.

Principles of the founding, be these our guide,

For reason and logic, time hath set aside.

Choose wisely – for you, for me, for children unborn,

Determine your mind and to it be sworn,

First principles your guide lest you be in sway,

Maddening though it be, this the game we must play.

Remember that in life, blessed truth wins all,

Keep faith in our Creator, He is our defensive wall,

For in chaos – only truth survives,

At the end of our journey, at last with sweet vengeance, it arrives.

6 thoughts on “Choosing

    • I’m working on my “artsy” side. I know that this sucked but I wrote it and my 3rd grade teacher would have been proud.

      So there’s that.

      I think it was the haggis that made me do it.

  1. You’re an anomaly, Mississippi. Just when we think think you’re Mr. Serious, you write one of the funniest posts I’ve come across. And now you’ve let us glimpse another side of you, which is also very contrary to your normal posts. Guess what? I dig it! Well done!

    Wish I could’ve been your teacher…. but then you wouldn’t have turned out so smart. 🙂

  2. BEE-HAVE! You know you’re full of haver, but I do believe you must be completely delicious in a tux. (yes, I have a wicked imagination) However; let’s face it, pie face, were we to Tango, I’d be the one going backwards in the 4″ heels. 🙂

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