No Joy In Mudville or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Embrace the Suck

Romney takes Florida by a big margin (delegate count by CBS).

Analysis by Stacy “Nostradamus” McCain here.

Via Fox News:

Mitt Romney crushed Newt Gingrich in the Florida Republican presidential primary Tuesday night, surging from a second-place finish in South Carolina to sweep the winner-take-all contest and reassert his front-runner status.

The victory, in the biggest GOP contest to date, is likely to give the former Massachusetts governor a burst of momentum as he, Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul head west to battle in what has become an increasingly negative race.

There are apparently some debts owed by certain patrons/contributors of this site.

I endorsed Mitt but I find little to cheer here. I can’t even muster a weak, “I told you so”…

The race is truly becoming a “none of the above” for me. I’m finding myself increasingly in the company of the nearly 60% of Republicans that wish there was another choice.

In an interesting survey conducted by CBS News, 58% of Republicans want more choices for the GOP nomination.  While this isn’t exactly a stunning revelation to readers of this site, it does confirm what we’ve thought all along:  The GOP’s current crop of candidates is sub-par, and most Republicans would prefer to see somebody else altogether.  While the poll doesn’t identify any particular candidates, what it does suggest strongly is that Republicans are thoroughly dissatisfied with the current selections available.  We’ve known this for some time, but what it hints at is a serious problem for the GOP if the party should nominate another losing candidate in 2012.  The party is in deep trouble with its conservative base already, and one more Presidential defeat with a soft moderate is likely to cause a revolt.  According to the CBS poll, only 37% are satisfied with the current field of choices.

If a party cannot motivate its base of support to greater enthusiasm, it will inevitably lose any general election.  This has been the problem with this field all along:  They really don’t inspire the base, and they’re not apt to do so in any substantial fashion.  Much of that owes to the fact that none of them are seen as thorough conservatives, and none are really very dynamic speakers.  It’s clear that the GOP remains in serious trouble, and as others have pointed out, the so-called “inevitable nominee” is likely to lead the Republicans to defeat in November.  I can’t imagine how with this current crop of candidates, Republicans expect to win the White House in 2012, and it appears they don’t really expect it either.  There is a growing sense of exasperation with what is seen as ineffective leadership in the GOP, and that’s going to impose a mighty penalty in November.

Via MarkAmerica.

I’m sick of hearing Republicans:

  • Bitch about other candidates having and spending more campaign cash as a reason that they aren’t competitive.
  • Bashing capitalism and legally earning money.
  • Try to cast themselves as “DC outsiders” when they have spent careers in politics and/or academia.
  • Trying to out conservative each other using Reagan’s legacy as a club to beat the other candidates roundly about the head and shoulders.
  • Sympathizing with the #OWS crowd and spewing the 99%er rhetoric.
  • Pander to ethnic minorities and the underclass via populist/progressive rhetoric.
  • Run away from their pasts as if they didn’t exist.
  • Basically handing the Democrats weapons to use against the eventual nominee.

But back to me and my pomposity, because, after all, it is all about me –

I’m still in the Romney camp because of my belief that ABO is the best we can do this time – but that still gives me no joy. Not that I take anything that the AP distributes as a badge of honor, it appears that a majority of Floridians see the upcoming presidential election as I do:

Voters in Tuesday’s Florida Republican primary chose Mitt Romney as the candidate best able to beat President Barack Obama in the fall, preferring electability over ideology in lifting the former Massachusetts governor to a broad victory despite concerns that his issue positions are not conservative enough.

ROMNEY RECAPTURES ELECTABILTY: A majority of Florida GOP voters said Romney is the candidate best able to beat Obama in a general election matchup; only about 3 in 10 said the same of Newt Gingrich. And Romney carried 58 percent of the votes among those seeking a candidate who could defeat the president in November. Gingrich had a strong showing among those seeking a true conservative and a narrow edge over Romney among those seeking an experienced candidate.

They pointed out, as I have, that in 2008 Romney was the “conservative” alternative to the moderate John McCain:

CONSERVATIVES THEN AND NOW: In 2008, Romney carried the mantle of conservative alternative to eventual Republican nominee John McCain. This time around, 41 percent of Florida voters said Romney’s issue positions are not conservative enough, and very conservative voters were more apt to back Gingrich than the former governor of Massachusetts. Strong supporters of the tea party movement also favored Gingrich over Romney, but Romney carried 50 percent or more among those who support the movement somewhat, are neutral or oppose it.

I would say that we need to stick to Constitutional principles but apparently that is racist – at least according to Juan Williams. How post-modern of him…

I’m beginning to think that it isn’t “progressivism” that is the main problem, it is this post-modernistic, illogical, fantasy “truth” that the “progressive” ideology rests on. What an average person sees as pure and unadulterated bullshit, these “intelligentsia” see as clever twists on wisdom and reality. Destroy the foundation of altered reality that “progressives” have to create to support their “reasoning” and the whole mess tumbles down around them.

For a rational person, this thought process (if you can call it that) is maddening. It is like an intellectual Ponzi scheme where these folks think that if they can just keep heaping the manure on the pile long enough and high enough to cover us all up, they can still come out on top. What they don’t realize is that even if they are the only ones left on top, it will do nothing to change the fact that they will be standing on a huge steaming manure pile consisting of nothing but putrid, festering, fetid excrement.

Hard to see how that can be classified as a victory.

The Sweet Meteor of Death is looking like a viable option at this point.

“Howdy! I am an enormous chunk of rock hurtling through space for now, but hoping for a chance to profoundly change the world for the better. I want to stop the partisan sniping and bickering of rivals that characterizes the political process. And I want you to never have to vote for the lesser of two evils ever again.

My platform: Death. To expunge. The annihilation of all life on Earth. Some say I am naive and doomed to failure, since bacteria, certain ocean creatures, and some insects will surely survive my planet-wracking onslaught. I concede that my critics may technically have a point.

But the truth is, I’ve always been a ‘half-a-loaf-of-bread-is-better-than-none’ kind of guy.”

SMOD: An End To Politics As Usual. Forever.

This Candidate Has Been Endorsed By The Sierra Club™

An Interview with the Meteor courtesy of Ace of Spades HQ and Sublog.

ABO or The Sweet Meteor of Death. Looks like the choice we have for 2012.

13 thoughts on “No Joy In Mudville or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Embrace the Suck

  1. Haven’t been to Mark America in a while. Dug the Ace of Spades interview too. As for you Mr. Pompity-pom-pom-pomp; just rub it in! RUB it in, why don’t you? Okay, so I lost! I lost, I lost, I lost, I LOST! But as I recall, I only owe G. and Guy.

    So boys, what’ll it be? I think you would dig comps for my opening night. There’s this complimentary wine and cheese shindig afterwards. Not that I’m trying to promote my show, I’m just trying to promote my show. But hey, as an added bonus, I won’t look like a bag lady! It’s one of the few times I bathe…..

    • Too bad I’m missing our annual golf trip this year or I could collect on that bet. The trip is to Destin, FL and begins next Tuesday through the weekend. But I had already promised my wife we would get our CCW training that weekend, the 11th, plus I finally have some work and it comes first. I sure do hate to miss the golf trip, though.

  2. “I’m beginning to think that it isn’t “progressivism” that is the main problem, it is this post-modernistic, illogical, fantasy “truth” that the “progressive” ideology rests on. What an average person sees as pure and unadulterated bullshit, these “intelligentsia” see as clever twists on wisdom and reality. Destroy the foundation of altered reality that “progressives” have to create to support their “reasoning” and the whole mess tumbles down around them.”

    Isaiah 5:20-21

    “20Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

    21Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!”

  3. Utah,

    OK, old argument aside (as much as possible, anyway), what do you make of this?

    “1. Turnout: The Romney-Gingrich slugfest in Florida appears to have produced slightly fewer than 1.7 million voters in this year’s primary. That’s down by about 12 percent from the 1.94 million who voted in 2008. Not a good sign for the GOP in this key swing state, especially following a flat GOP turnout in Iowa and only a slight uptick in New Hampshire (also swing states). Both of those states have open primaries, so with no Democratic contest this year, in contrast to 2008, one might have expected a substantial jump in participation.”

    Do you think turnout will be a problem for the GOP – even if Romney is the candidate? If so, how does the GOP address the lack of enthusiasm for their apparent candidate?

    • I read that B – I don’t really know what to make of it. I first thought it meant DOOM! but I don’t know… It may reflect the 60% of us who wish we had someone else or simply can’t get excited about Romney but intend to vote for him if he is the nominee and the excitment and turnout will come once the nominee is selected and the 2012 path to a confrontation with BHO…at least I hope it is.

      I think it may just signify a resignation by the electorate that they are going to vote ABO no matter who gets the nod and only the true believers like us are arguing about it. Even then, you know that I’m only supporting Romney due to my presumption of his electability.

      This time is unusual. Normally low primary turnout means low turnout in the general – I hope not this time.

      • A low turn-out in the general election would be my concern – especially were I looking at this election from the GOP’s perspective.

        They are going to have to do something as, in all likelihood, Romney will have difficulty in the debates against Obama. Right or wrong, it is hard to counter “So, when did you quit beating your wife?” – especially when, as soon as they hear the question(s), the media is going to turn to Romney and say “Yeah! When DID you stop beating your wife?”

  4. no worries! ACORN will make sure there will be plenty of voters! Well, not ACORN, but ssdn (same shit different name)
    so believe what you will, but I think you must pick your poison. Submit to the R. or submit to four more years of this shit.

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