Rule 5: Topless Ice Hockey

The gals of Femen are at it again. Remember them? The Ukrainian topless hotties protesting at Davos?

Well, they are back – and this time, it is personal…or something like that.

Russia Today has this:

The Ukrainian feminist group Femen have organized a topless hockey game near IIHF headquarters in Switzerland to protest at a decision to hold the 2014 World Championship in Belarus which they say does not uphold democracy and human rights.

The protest took place near the main office of the International Ice Hockey Federation in Zurich. Braving a severe frost, the protesters started a hockey game in the street wearing unbuttoned coats with nothing on underneath. Their demands, spelt out on banners, read: “Do not encourage dictatorship!” “Lukashenko, let’s play in Hague!” and “Slaves can’t play hockey!”

The feminists also issued a statement calling on sports officials “not to give rejuvenating injections to the rotten and dying body of Lukashenko’s regime.” They said that “The dictatorship is ruling Belarus by suppressing its own Constitution and fundamental human rights, suppressing all dissident attempts with torture and blood.”

Personally, I stand erect in saluting these brave (and topless) heroines, stiff in my resolve to help them reach the pinnacle of protest, an angry climax if you will…

Forget the pictures, that line alone can, and should be, used against me if I ever run for office.

Nothing screams “Liberty!” quite like a hot game of topless street hockey.

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16 thoughts on “Rule 5: Topless Ice Hockey

  1. Hockey: the only sport where they give you armor (pads) and a weapon and send you forth to use both on your enemy.

    I see our players here are using an unusual type of padding; intended to distract an unwary opponent, no doubt.


    • Never played in the buff, but I had to learn because both my boys played. I love it – it is just like you said, they pad you up, put you on ice so you can go faster and give you a stick…what could be better?

      • LOVE the game. Played right D. A bit of a cross between a grinder and an enforcer. Only sport I know where they punish you by putting you on the bench. Most the others make you “try it again.”

        Dang it, man. Now I need to go see if there’s a game on. Not sure my wife is going to understand my disappointment if there is but the players are male and clothed, but… 😉

  2. Well, I just got an e-mail informing me that M. has now decided to become President of the Femen Fan Club. You know, M., I just hope you’re not getting kickbacks or favours for promoting them at this most distinguished site. And no! I won’t be the Secretary of this Femen Fan Club! Hmmm…unless I could get that Yoni massage tonight……….Nevermind! I just remembered that Ross is swinging by in a few….

  3. And I can’t even conceive of how you could even be thinking about my bro, Ross, after I fired off that incredibly charming poem.

    What’s a guy got to do to melt your cold, cold heart?

    And as for the Femen chicks…I’m going to edit their fan club newsletter…

    • Sweet angel baby, your poem did melt my heart. But let’s face it: You know and I know that Ross is a Longhorn. But we won’t get into that now as I can see you’re a little depressed as it seems you have been demoted to Editor of the Femen Fan Club. (Unless you’re just tackling several different duties for them.) I suppose you could ask Hockey to talk to them and try to have them reinstate you to your former position….(I think he’s got connections)

      By the by, what did you do, anyhow? Please tell me you didn’t wear the kilt. I dig it, but they….well…. they……they won’t get it. Then again, you know them better than I.

    • M. is the official editor of the Femen Fan Club now, Tony. I think he may be calling the shots. He will probably try to talk you into taking up a position in the Femen Fan Club. I say whatever you decide to do, just keep your shirt on. (these women will eat you for lunch if you’re topless).

    • My only interest is the bare naked truth, stripped of all unnecessary cover. I am only interested in unblemished reality, shaven clean and smooth as a newborn’s bum and I’ll do my best to bring it to you.

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  6. Mr Mike…. I think you deliberately posted this to drag me out of my lair. Well played my man… well played indeed. ;-D

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