Happy Valentine’s Day :)

I know I sometimes ruffle feathers around here, but it has never been my intent to willfully hurt anyone’s feelings. Please know that I truly love all of you boys.

I love Dusty, because I hadn’t chatted with him for quite some time and I had missed him. I love Hockey because he is very much like my own dad in that he is able to make me see reason when I am unreasonable. I love Ross because, well; he is a Longhorn and gives the best Yoni massages imaginable. I love FL because we can cross-dress and still be friends the next day (you know I’m funnin you, right?) I love G. because he opens my mind to a different perspective, and although I may not always agree, I sometimes do. I love B. because he incites my anger and aggression (I’m a very laid-back person, so this is not an easy feat). I love M. because he looks so hot in a tux. Oh, and he also allows me to do my favourite thing: He lets me sing.

Here is my Valentine’s gift for you boys:

11 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day :)

    • Wish you would’ve been there last night. There was one fella that caught my eye, because he was tall. And well, he was easy on the eyes. So I had to do what every good director does and get to know him. So he tells me he’s an engineer, and I immediately think, oh, great, this lovely dish isn’t going to pull this off. Well, I’ll be damned! He proved me wrong! This fella can sing and dance! And he’s intelligent! Damn! So unfair.These are the types of people that cause me to become pea-green with envy….

  1. Thanks Bells your pretty special too. Hope that everyday for you is special. Hope you have an awesome Valentine’s Day and many many more in the future. 🙂

  2. Home now. Hopefully, I won’t catch what my son has…

    I can see that some spankings are in order. It seems as though Dusty and Lovey have obviously never had their mouths washed out with soap…..

    Now it is time for the two of you to open wide and just say AHHHHH….I’ll be generous. Tell me which brand you prefer. I’m quite the connoisseur of soaps.

    Now, Lovey; you must be careful with IS as she is a nurse and may be prone to having you bend over while she uses her gloved hand to do unseemly things. Of course, this is only for your own good…..

    • You’re a very wicked wit. Anytime I spew my drink, well, you know you’ve said somethin funny. 😆

      Now, if only Augger would recapture his sense of humour….He’s awfully serious lately.Then again, I know that is how you would prefer me to be….

      • Yeah, the words “fuck” and “cunt” in the same sentence sure say “wicked wit” to me.

        lovegrove: if you can’t make your point without using the word “cunt”, you might get to be the first person that I ban in over a year of running this blog.

    • Pretty sure that you just demonstrated who the self-righteous one here.

      If you think that you are offending my sensibilities, you aren’t even close – but there are over 4,000 visitors to this site every day with different tolerance levels and because of that, I expect a certain level of decorum – even in disagreement. It is for that reason that I have a comment policy and if you can’t bring yourself to abide by it, I’ll be happy to invite you to leave.

      Just a FYI, my friend – I own this site and all that is contained here. It isn’t a democracy. I set the rules and you are here at my pleasure, not yours.

      We do have freedom of speech, you are welcome to say what you will but I will not allow this site to become a cesspool of ignorant and base vileness.

      A great teacher of mine once told me that vulgarity is the sign of an undisciplined mind.

      I guess she was right.

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