Poetess Maya Angelou Thinks You Are A Racist

Maya Angelou thinks that you are a racist…and that Obama has done wonders.

It is pretty easy to figure out that she is objectively wrong on both accounts…and of course, she never specifically states why she thinks that Obama has “done a remarkable job” (other than Republicans have opposed him – if opposition is the standard, every president is a “success”) – but she is damn sure of one thing…that you are a racist, especially if you have ever committed  – or are about to commit – the crime of opposing him:

This year, if it progresses as Angelou expects, will exacerbate the pattern, bringing a momentous high, but not before some sickening lows. Don’t worry about Barack Obama, says the chronicler of black history. He’ll be re-elected. He deserves to be re-elected. But between now and November, it’s going to get nasty.

“I think we are going to see a number of people who say: ‘I have no racial prejudice in my heart, not in my conversation,'” Angelou says. “But in the next few months, as we wind up to the double campaign, I tell you we are going to see some nastiness, some vulgarity, I think. They’ll pull the sheets off.”

Obama has critics and doubters. Angelou, the sage of black America, now 83, has no time for them. “I think he has done a remarkable job, knowing how much he has been opposed,” she says. “Every suggestion he makes, the Republicans en masse fight against him or don’t vote at all.” It’s about him being a Democrat and being the first black president, she says.

You know what?

I am sick to death of being called a racist by liberal representatives of the black community simply because I oppose an incompetent and ineffective president (and for only that reason). After what they did to Bush, it is comments like these made by Angelou that are incomprehensible and indefensible. The irony of their racist statements drip from their lips as if it was the venom from a snake’s fang.

For once, I would like a single interviewer or “journalist” to ask:

  • What has Obama done that makes him a success in your eyes?
  • Perceived “code words” or “racist dog whistle” are not justification, please state what specific actions you have personally observed of Obama’s critics that are evidence of racism?
  • Like Samuel L. Jackson, did you vote for Obama because of his race? How is that not racist?

I know that is too much to expect from a leftist rag like the Guardian, but one day someone will have the courage to pin these clowns down and demand facts rather than fantasy and ad hominem attacks.

This woman is an embarrassment to America and a racist.

10 thoughts on “Poetess Maya Angelou Thinks You Are A Racist

  1. Anyone not wearing rose colored blinders has known that Maya Angelou is in fact a racist herself. Her not so well hidden feelings toward whites jumps out at you from her works, her public statements and her associations. She’s just another liberal racist hypocrite.

    • Not being P.C. should be praised. Voting for someone beacuse perceived tribal allegiance when Barry’s mom was white, his white grandparents raised him, and he never spent a day in the ‘hood’ – that’s just stunningly racist. Now, had Mr. Jackson made a commitment to; not uttering racial obscenities – that would have been laudable.

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  3. Dear Ms. Angelou,
    Exactly what has Obama done for the black community as a whole? Every solution that liberals push to address the problems in the black community revolves around more entitlement spending, lousy government programs, and pushing eugenics (thanks to Margaret Sanger, Obama, and HHS). And of course the only response against this type of argument is that it is evil white men and capitalism. Bullshit!

  4. Ever read her “Champion of the World?” It’s historically incorrect, but when I mentioned that up to a teacher, I was told, “You’re missing the point.” The point, of course, is that Whites are racist. Nothing else matters.

    • Some thirty year ago, I had a black Western Civ professor who handed his class off to a grad student from Nigeria who delighted in telling the class how racist we all were, the irony was that when we pointed out that tribes there colluded with the Portuguese to sell other tribes in to slavery, he denied it.

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