Beware the Soothsayers

I am going to try to do this one using YouTube clips:

Are you one of those who poo-poos Glenn Beck as a conspiracy theorist, or someone who is trying to get rich from scaring people without reason? Have you ever actually listened to any of what he is trying to warn us about? If not, then watch this clip:

If you pay ANY attention to the news at all, then you should have noticed the continuing stories about the OWS campaign. They just published an editorial in the New York Times threatening to use weapons against the people on Wall Street. There have been recent stories about how the unions are planning to work with the OWS campaign this year. The OWS movement was originally orchestrated under the name of “Days of Rage” by people who are connected to the unions, and all of whom are connected to many of the people in and behind the scenes of our current Administration. Beck had the video from the Days of Rage planning convention when he was on FOX. He also provided proof of all the connections (FOX has since locked up this material and reportedly refuses to allow Beck to use it again). The OWS campaign represents the “Bottom Up” in van Jones’ formula – just like the supposedly populace movements in the Middle East. I can only trust that, if you read the RNL, you are aware that the demonstrations in the Middle East have proven to be exactly what Beck told us they were when they started: an orchestrated campaign to help the Muslim Brotherhood seize power and start working toward a Caliphate. But all of this belongs in a different story. What we need at the moment is there IS an ongoing attempt to orchestrate riots and civil unrest in America this summer.

OK, “Why?” you might ask. Simple: we are being set up. Have you noticed how often Obama has not only openly declared he will go around Congress, but how many times he actually has?

Now, did you see anything about Jessie Jackson Jr. calling for Obama to declare Congress to be in rebellion and move to initiate “emergency powers” to rule by dictate?


If they manage to get the riots they want, and they can convince enough people that Congress is part of the problem because it won’t give Obama what he wants, it is very likely we will hear this trial balloon again:

But you might say that the American people will never let this happen.  Oh, really?  Do you remember this?

Do you remember how the Roman republic fell, or the Wiemar Republic? Here, I’ll remind you:


When you were in history class, and your teacher or professor was telling you about how things like WW II started and you said to yourself “How could they have been so stupid to not see what was happening?”  Well, you and I are living in one of those very same times in human history.  Now, ask yourself this question: do you see it coming?  If not, then maybe you were too had on those people you criticized back in history class…

5 thoughts on “Beware the Soothsayers

  1. Lest anyone think I am picking ONLY on Obama, I’m not. The problem is that the Constitution is dead and the several factions within the ruling elite are fighting over who will be in power when they finally seize what’s left of our liberty. Here is just another warning sign, and it extends across several Presidencies from BOTH Parties:

    In case you aren’t aware, the President would need a ratified treaty to give away U.S. territories like this. There is no such ratified treaty. HOWEVER, Alaska is NOT a U.S. territory, it is a sovereign State and there is NO – 0 – Constitutional authority for the federal govt. to do ANYTHING like this.

    The only way this can happen is if our ruling elite already consider the U.S. COnstitution to be dead. If they do, how long before they quit pretending and just do what they are pushing Obama to do in the story above?

  2. Still goes over your head, eh Greg? Why, when a company loses money in the US, but makes money soutide the US, should they pay taxes to the US? This should be a harbinger for you that the US makes it very profit unfriendly, compared to other nations, and the US is losing out because of a nanny Congress.In 2009, Exxon paid an effective rate of 47% of their profits. None of that profit was made in the US because oil prices were high (Exxon cannot refine enough US oil to serve the nation’s needs, so they have to buy it on the open market like everyone else ), the US doesn’t allow for the E P (where they make their profits). This, however, is not the same as claiming that these corporations don’t pay taxes. They do when they make a profit.Now I sure wish you’d get your sources straight.. or at least read beyond the damned headlines. Because even according to your own partisan, agenda laden CTJ source, Exxon paid US federal taxes 3 out of their 4 year period . have a gander on pg 36 for the Exxon US stats:2008 28.2%2009 -38.3% (loss in US)2010 13.4%TTL three year average of taxes paid for US profits 14.2%Again, I’m going to have to remind you that these rates are based on their total profits, pre legal IRS deductions. The reality is that, after their deductions, they pay 35% rate on the net.Now, if you want a productive discussion, instead of whining, lying and spinning, you might want to turn to a common goal we all have, and that is IRS tax reform. However I will warn you, I do not support the US collecting taxes on profits of any corporation made soutide the US. I would, however, be very much in favor of the US allowing for the profitable E P exploration in US territory, so that we too can benefit as other nations do as well as encouraging other corporate division profits. But then, you’ll have to kick out your icons in Congress for that to happen.Reply

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