We Did It To Ourselves

On what must be officially “What The Hell Were We Thinking Day”,  Louis R. Lombardi over at Legal Insurrection shares my sentiments expressed in my last post and many of the others here at TRNL:

With the backlash to the ever growing power of the federal government and its increased dominance in our lives, one must ask, how did this behemoth come to be in the first place?

First, a little constitutional primer is in order to understand our current predicament. Under our constitutional system of government, the federal government is only supposed to have enumerated (limited) powers, while the states have plenary or general powers. Under this system, the federal government can only act in areas it is given authority to act such as national defense, while the states have general police powers to regulate the health, education and welfare of its citizenry. This separation of powers amongst the federal and state governments is better known as federalism and is an important cog in our governance as it keeps the central government from acquiring too much power and becoming oppressive. Yet, the federal government over the past few generations has been slowing usurping the states’ police powers. How can this happen and why would the states allow it to happen?

For the most part, states have been willing participants in this process. With the offer of federal dollars, no traditional state power has been sacred. Remember when we had a national speed limit? How did this come to pass even though the states have the inherent right to regulate their own roads without federal interference? Well, in order to qualify for federal dollars for road improvements, the states had to agree to the 55 mph speed limit. State treasuries loaded with money made it easier to give up power. Today, there is no national speed limit but we have a national drunk driving limit based on the same principle. Now don’t get me wrong, drunk driving is a scourge that needs to be combated; but just because it is a good thing to do, doesn’t mean we should not have concerns about how it came to be, because eventually after enough “good” decisions have been made for you, you will have no power to make any decisions for yourself – good or bad.

Read it all, it is finger-lickin’ good.

To those unfamiliar with Mr. Lombardi, here is his bio:

Louis Lombardi is a retired NYC police captain and attorney. He currently resides in State College, PA where he teaches at a local community college along with practicing law. Additionally, he writes a monthly column for the local newspaper, the Centre Daily times and he has his own blog at http://www.obpopulus.wordpress.com. Mr. Lombardi is married and a father of three lovely daughters.

21 thoughts on “We Did It To Ourselves

  1. This started with Lincoln. Like it or not, the founders told us the States DO (NOT did) have the right to secede from the Union. So, when he FORCED the Southern States back into the Union, Lincoln declared our Constitution establishes a national govt. – not a federal govt. Here again, our founders were very clear in stating that ours is a federal govt. and not the other way around as Lincoln made it.

    Next, the courts sealed our fate when they co-opted EVERYTHING from the States by coupling the 1st and 14th Amendment – contrary to the intention of those who wrote and ratified the 14th Amendment. But now, the effective result of this coupling is that the national govt. has claimed the authority over areas that the founders specifically left to the States.

    Look, it is time we face the facts: the Constitution – AS DESIGNED AND RATIFIED – is and has been dead for some time. We no longer have a federal govt., and our rights are no longer God-given and inalienable. We have a national govt. with right granted by that govt. In essence, we have killed the tree of liberty planted by the American Revolution in favor of the tree of slavery that was the French Revolution. If we want to change this, it will require a new American Revolution (PEACEFUL, not with guns). But THAT will FIRST require a new Great Awakening. Good luck with that one in this society.

    • “But THAT will FIRST require a new Great Awakening. Good luck with that one in this society.”
      The present administration, and probably all that follow it, will find a way to make the new Great Awakening illegal somehow.

        • About you? I can’t answer that. About others? That either.

          As for myself? I have started to oppose the creeping tyranny in every way I can think of where I see the possibility of having an effect on changing the mentality of others; I have ceased to remain quiet in the face of my opposition; I have changed the way I vote; I have changed the way I speak to others – especially my family; I have changed what and how I teach my children; I have addressed our duty as Christians with my Sunday school class (scripturally based); I have written a book teaching the principles of liberty that is now selling on Amazon…

  2. Good lil Joey. 🙂

    No seriously, education, education, education. Particularly of the youth. We have to continue debunking the misrepresentations at every turn.

    How’s the book sales going for ya?

    • Good lil Joey??? You know, you are starting to sound like the person you accuse me of being. Imitation, augger??? 😉

      As for the book: it is aimed at high school and college aged students and, frankly, I’m not sure about the sales. I don’t watch that stuff. I have been busy working on the second volume (deals with the collective). HOWEVER our business manager says they are slow but steady. We have 4 figures in the bank account, and given that the book sells for only $5, it must be doing something. I believe the rest of the team has about a grand they are trying to spend on advertising, but they are trying to figure out the best way to spend our small budget. We also have 23 friends on the FB site.

      Still, even if we fail and our book never explodes, we are doing what we can.

      • Don’t read too much in to it Joe. The angle of the joke is “teaching” … from a teacher’s perspective, or what a teacher might have said to a young Joe. 😛

        Books can be challenging for sure. I had a buddy named Philcox that had written many. Who’s your publisher? (I’ve been working on a book of my own)

        • I didn’t read anything into it, but even in light of the way you explain it, my original comment would seem to apply 😉

          Nobody would look at it, so we redesigned it as an e-book and self-published. Works very well on a kindle – especially the fire. And all the citations link the reader to the original document – the whole document (whenever possible). My 16 y/o loves it, as do many of his friends.

          You might want to look at self-publishing. The industry is actually quite worried about this trend.

          • Mr. G.,

            We’re making them now, but they will not have a fully annotated citation do the work for a book we do not anticipate selling very well (printed edition, that is). You would have to go to the web site and look everything up to make sure we cited it correctly and in context. I’ll let you know when we get it done.

            BUT, if you buy the pdf from the web site, it can be read on any computer and the hyperlinks will function perfectly. You can also read the 2 reviews posted so far on Amazon (look for stick and twig ).

          • I’ll order it. I just really seem to have a hard time with the electronic reader. I don’t know why. Then again, I have a hard time with my phone. I still haven’t figured out how to check messages. So after I read your e-book (which could take some time) I’ll post a review.

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