Remember When?

Do you remember when those “evil religious zealots” said that changing the definition of marriage to appease the demands of homosexuals would place us on the slippery slope toward pedophilia and bestiality and you laughed? The “social conservatives” said these different groups would use the same arguments as the homosexuals to demand their “rights,” but nooo, you didn’t want to listen to that. That was crazy talk. Well, guess what:


Bestiality Advocate in Canada Charged With…Well, You Guessed It


NAMBLA has attached itself to the Gay Rights movement in demanding their “rights,” too.


It’s just like when the same “right wing bigots” tried to object when the Supreme Court legalized abortion.  They told us the decision would start us down the path of devaluing human life, but they were just as crazy then as they are now with the pedophilia and bestiality claims.  Abortion was never intended to exterminate black babies, say, like the stated purpose of Planned Parenthood.   No one would ever argue that we should be allowed to kill a child up to the age of three, let alone someone recognized as a “leader” in medical ethics.  But then, even if medical ethicist were to argue that we should be able to kill children, it’s not like they would use some stupid argument like “they aren’t human” to justify such a thing.   And for bloody well sure, NO American elected official would EVER pass a law that says that a child who is born alive and well MUST be set aside and allowed to die alone in a closet.  Anyone who would ever claim such things would be a liar who just hates people and wants to enforce their morality on others because they are different.


Heck, if you do any research at all on these issues, you’ll find all sorts of people using the exact same arguments as the Gay Rights movement to demand their “rights.”  You’ll also find that the push to kill babies extends to the elderly, mentally disabled and other “classifications” deemed to be a burden on society (NAZI Germany, anyone? But then it’s not like the eugenics movement started in America or anything like that, so not to worry: nothing like this could happen here.).      Funny how things like this just seem to be sooo predictable to everyone but those demanding “their rights.”

7 thoughts on “Remember When?

    • Ah, no, I was saying it WAS a factor. Isn’t the sarcasm in this piece dripping heavily enough to get that? Serious question, because I thought any more and I would have been laying it on with a dump truck.

      • This is where I am lost in translation with you, B. Of course, it is way past my bedtime, so I probably will just use that as my excuse. Yeah, that’s it. That’s the ticket. Too tired to think….

        I’ll be much more spry in the A.M. And I’ll not post something serious again. That was a drag.

        • Well, if you treat life as it is a joke, you’ll be treated as part of that joke. We do need to “get away” from it from time to time, but burying our heads in the sand won’t help. That’s how we got here in the first place.

          “We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth… For my part, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst; and to provide for it.”

          — Patrick Henry (one of my favorite founders 😀 )

  1. Joe, the long and the short of it is …

    though you and i have no belief in atheism, homosexuality, or (insert whatever agenda you choose), one thing remains true, and that is that we would defend their rights to practice these things, whereas they would fight to remove our rights to our beliefs.

    Your liberty means nothing to them, whereas theirs means everything to you.

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