Those Government Tentacles

Just a little something to “noodle” on over the weekend.  Did you see this story about how birth control saves the government money?  Basically, the story illustrates what happens when very ambitious and self-righteous people with some intelligence and little to no wisdom start trying to justify their ambitions.  In this case, they have spun the distorted notion that preventing a birth saves the government money in future health care costs.  Aside from the fact that this assumes the government has its own income/money, and that we accept the government’s claim to have authority over your healthcare, this argument opens the door to government control of every aspect of your life.  If controlling births saves the government money, then so will controlling your diet, your exercise routine, what you do for  a living, where you live, the size and type of your home.  They could even spin some justification for controlling what you wear based on how it saves the government money.  Now, couple this mentality with the recent rash of “ethicist” papers saying that the killing of a child is the same as an abortion and ask yourself how long it will take these people to start saying that abortion saves the government money?


We could use these parallel lines of reasoning to limit families to 1 child based on government healthcare expenses.  We could also use this “a baby isn’t a human” reasoning to euthanize the elderly, infirm, mentally disabled – anyone who “costs” the government more money than they provide.  In fact, the thinking inside our current government is no different from this:



Just think: as soon as the government can figure out how to clone or grow new drones, they could even outlaw sex.  After all, sex costs the government money through STD’s, the need for birth control and even abortions.  Yeah, I know, you say this will never happen.  Well, our grandparents told us that we would never argue that children are not human, either…

29 thoughts on “Those Government Tentacles

  1. This argument is nonsense. Children cost money, but when they grow up some of them pay taxes that pay for the government. So the argument should surely be not about whether or not to have children, but whether those children will pay their way. This is trying to guess the future of every individual. Anyone got a giant time machine for the government?

    • Barb,

      IN MY OPINION, this is connected to the idea that the world is over populated and that global population must be reduced below 2 billion people globally for “sustainability.” All of these ideas – the one here in my post and the population control – tend to be held by the same general groups/mentalities.

      • the world is overpopulated and we are heading for real problems, but trying to force people to control their family size has never worked and never will – look at the mess they made in China. There are too many organisations and religious groups still encouraging people to have children, even when it causes poverty and endangers the mothers’ lives. Education, social awareness enlightenment are all needed. dream on.

        • Barb,

          Could you please clarify your comment for me? I think I may be reading it incorrectly. Are you saying that you think the world is over populated and that people need education about unnecessary births, or are you being sarcastic toward those who believe this?

          Thanks 🙂

          • You shouldn’t have redacted your comment. Your interpretation is different than mine, but it shows that two people can read the same thing and interpret it in two completely different ways. For instance, my comment to you about keeping your sunny side up or whatever was merely a stab (however futile) at humour. Augger didn’t interpret it that way.

            Best to have Barb clarify her comment, I think.

  2. Your post is similar to the interview with a Hispanic supporter on CNN this morning. He basic position was that illegal immigrants are good for the economy and support programs like Medicaid and SS because of the sales taxes they pay on goods they purchase. When questioned by the CNN interviewer about not paying into SS or any other government program (through income tax) his position was the sales tax generated by illegal immigrant purchases MORE THAN acccounted for their cost to society.

    The interview has not been posted to the internet yet or I would try to post it. It happened about 20 minutes ago.

  3. Found the printed version – – Comes from the headline;

    Imagine a day without a MexicanBy Charles Garcia, Special to CNN
    March 2, 2012


    “A similar phenomenon holds true on the state level. In December 2006, Texas was the first state to conduct a comprehensive financial analysis of the impact of undocumented immigrants on a state’s budget and economy. The stunning results showed that “undocumented immigrants produced $1.58 billion in state revenues, which exceeded the $1.16 billion in state services they received.” Carole Keeton Strayhorn, the former Texas Comptroller, said, “Bottom line, undocumented immigrants in the state of Texas are adding $17.7 billion to our gross state product … we net $428 million at the state level because of the taxes they’re paying in.”

    I encourage you to read this.

    • Here again we see the government musing outside of it’s lawful mandate. It’s becoming all too common to be ignored. This administration is getting entirely too comfortable with picking winners and losers in the subject of freedom. Again I’d live to ask of Oblamer …

      “What exactly gives you the authority (either morally, or lawfully) to pick someone’s liberties at the expense of mine? Are you trying to say that I am a second class citizen, and thus not equal as the next man?”

      I’d love to hear his answer on this. Honestly I would.

  4. Related, please read:

    By DEFINITION (meaning there can be no rational objection), if you have to “help” someone kill themselves, it is NOT suicide and you have committed murder (not manslaughter – MURDER!). So these are legalized death squads masquerading as better sounding “assisted suicide” squads. Weren’t we told by “the one” that we can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig? Well…

      • No. Sometimes (often times) I mean exactly what I am saying, and in this case, I am pointing to the connection between “mobile euthanasia” squads, killing babies is “abortion” and birth control = healthcare cost savings. To me, they are all connected by the perverted and EVIL mentality that twists the meaning of words to support self-evident immorality.

        I could care less about the election. At the rate we’re going, we may not even have an election.

          • I’m just jealous actually. I wish I had your strength to just blow off what is happening across this nation.

            I’m just weak, and cannot help but worry.

          • Augger,

            I’m often accused of being too black/white and never being realistic. Here I am being VERY “realistic:” I worry, but about different things than most. Looking at history, the state of our society and the things that are happening globally, I doubt our ability to save the entire nation. That doesn’t mean I will EVER give up on “America,” just that I no longer see “America” in the major cities (which are actually what make all those blue states blue). So I am trying to figure out how to “save as many as we can” when the plates all start to fall (as they soon must – or we’ll need to re-write the entire cycle of history).

          • Black,

            Sorry for the ambiguity of my post. I had forgotten to place Kell’s quote in my post.
            My post was directed at her “Sheesh. Glad you keep your sunny side up.” comment.

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  6. Oh dear! what a discussion. I think what I was trying to say is that when a woman has a child she has to take time out of whatever her work is, so it costs money, and education etc also cost money. But so does everything. Children are an investment on many levels. I think the world is running out of resources, and there are too many of us trying to share it and this can only get worse, hence my comments on overpopulation. As Einstein said, what matters can’t be counted and what can be counted doesn’t matter. Hope this clarifies things a little.

    • Well, I guess I have to disagree with you as strongly as possible while still remaining civil. The world is NOT over-populated. Nor do we suffer shortages. There is plenty to sustain the world’s population, what prevents it is corruption.

      In this sense, I agree with the complaints from the left. I just disagree with their tyrannical “solutions.” Passive programs to ensure a decline in the global population are – at their core – just genocide/mass murder cloaked in different clothes.

      What is in short supply in this world is FREEDOM! If there was a GLOBAL free market and a universal rule of law – not rule of “special interests,” many of the world’s issues dealing with food would be resolved.

      As for the idea that overpopulation also causes poverty: hogwash. What causes poverty – i the sense you mean it – is CORRUPTION! But this nation doesn’t know REAL poverty. That is a critter as rare in the US as polio: it’s there, but it is so rare the whole world notices when it’s discovered. I know because I’ve been overseas and I’ve seen REAL poverty. I’m here to tell you, I have NEVER seen it in the US – not even in the worst of ghettos in the inner cities.

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