Obama Administration’s View of “Constitutional”

Since I’ve been on the general subject, are you aware that YOUR “Science Czar” (and mine) believes we should consider things like compulsory abortion in this nation?  Oh, but it gets better.  In a book he co-authored, “Human Ecology: Problems & Solutions,” Holdren says he thinks it would be Constitutional:

Indeed, it has been concluded that compulsory population-control laws, even including laws requiring compulsory abortion, could be sustained under the existing Constitution if the population crisis became sufficiently severe to endanger the society.

But you say this does not mean that President Obama believes this.  No?  President Obama is the man responsible for seeking out and placing this man in his position as “Science Czar.”  The same President Obama who has put people into Czar positions who believe international and foreign law should trump U.S. law; who have advocated the “whole life” medical care system which devalues the very young, elderly and those who requires extended care – all based on monetary costs to “the govt.”  The same President who sought out and appointed a self-declared communist to be the “Green Jobs Czar.”  How many times do people have to tell us that the environmental movement is the new home of communism, and how many times do we have to find self-declared communists running these environmental programs before we start to accept the truth of these assertions based on the objective facts that prove there is a connection between environmentalism and the communist agenda?  After all, this is the same president who seems to think it is Constitutional to “spread the wealth” and to mandate that you can be FORCED to buy a product from a private company in order to be a “legal citizen.”

Friends, you and I live in a fascist police state.  This is NOT the America our parents and grandparents knew, and if we do not REVERSE this trend in OUR generation, it never will be again.  WE let this happen; WE need to correct it.  This is NOT a struggle to be left to our children, because no “American” would ever think of telling someone else to clean up his/her mess (especially their children).

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3 thoughts on “Obama Administration’s View of “Constitutional”

    • Personally, I think the Czars are a “Shadow Government” that act like the “bureaus” in most fascistic governments. Obama could declare an emergency, disband the Congress and Court and let his “agencies” run things – because they pretty much do already. All he needs is a “crisis.”

      Then again, I’ve already said this and I got it from OBAMA’S people. It’s called “Bottom Up, Top Down.”

      • I said this ages ago. And I hate to break it to you pal Joey, but if your guy’s in, it’s a guaranteed vote for Obama. Just my opinion. Ron Paul should’ve been the one they pushed. It’s time I took you on the Magical Progressive/Independent/Democrat Bus ride. I know you won’t care for the trip, (in fact, you may become a bit car sick) but it’s a ride you aught to take, nonetheless.

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