Chick Car or Throw Away the Inflatable Sex Doll?

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I’m having a bit of an argument at home. I am going to give my son my ’06 Nissan 350Z roadster and I have to have a ride when I get back to the States later this year. When I bought my Z a few years ago, it was down to the Z, a Porsche and the Mercedes SLK350. I test drove them all and I decided on the Z because the SLK350 didn’t feel powerful enough and the Porsche was nice but too noisy as most European sports cars are ( the I had a Fiat Spyder in college, the Italians love to hear the engine rev, I guess) – when it came down to it, the Z had the right combination of comfort, style and power. I am a big BMW fan – I had a 1995 M3 coupe that was one of the best built cars that I have ever owned. Even after 15 years, that car would still comfortably do 140 mph and got 29.6 mpg., so did look at the BMW Z3 but I just never liked the styling. The ragtop just looked funny, out of proportion or something.

Well, that has changed – they have since rolled out a new Z4 model. The Z4 represents everything that I like about BMW’s precise engineering, they changed the styling to look more like their race inspired Z8 (it even looks a little like a baby Aston Martin) and added a hardtop. I like it and am leaning toward a Z4 35iS but my wife thinks it is a chick car…so, here’s a poll to help me decide.

11 thoughts on “Chick Car or Throw Away the Inflatable Sex Doll?

  1. Actually, the Mazda Miata was the epitome of chick car. The Beemer has a more masculine look.

    As an aside, the Porsche is a German car, as is BMW.

    Car I always wanted but can’t find now is the Datsun 240Z. Japanese version of a Jaguar.

    • You are correct sir, I was thinking of my Fiat when I referenced the Italian penchant for engine noise…I also had a Healy with Bosch ignition that wouldn’t start when it rained…

  2. I didn’t like the Z car: felt too much like sitting in a Russian tank (feet too straight out in front of you) and the suspension was stiff. On the other hand, my wife’s 328i was SA- WEET! You do realize that the 325i/328i are among the best “roadsters” you can buy off the floor, don’t you? They still have the power, though their lines might be more HOT “girl next door” than the bikini babe you’re looking at. But then, the 300 series can also handle the “extra load” with the 4 doors and back seats.

    Just my thoughts on the matter… Good luck 😉

  3. Hmmmm – If you’re gonna spend that much dough, ditch the inflatable sex doll and get you one of the new life-size latex jobs, then buy the Beemer.

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