Enough Said…

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Shamelessly lifted from Ace of Spades HQ.

Remember this?

There is a reason that an association is drawn between humans and animals – specifically the association between captive animals in zoos and people captive to the welfare state. While humans have become domesticated, to think that our larger brain capacity and opposable thumbs insulate us from the immutable laws of nature is folly. Our continually growing welfare state, much like a zoo, is growing a segment of our population that is dependent on their handlers for the basic necessities of life. Food, clothing and shelter is provided and since it is at a level slightly above subsistence, there is not as much incentive to leave it behind for prosperity as there would be if the level was less – dependence is created.

5 thoughts on “Enough Said…

  1. And like that big old black bear, if you suddenly took away all of the welfare (handouts) in one fell swoop, the dependent population would get angry and have to be dealt with.

  2. When 1% of the bears control the majority of the bear economy, donate unlimited funds to bear politicians, and continually preach the message through their bear news networks that this lopsided bear eat bear world is actually the highest form of liberty, then I’ll feed the bears.

  3. Utah,

    You remind me of a case study we learned about in one of my sociology classes. It seems that one of the many wildlife preserves in the African Savannah had a problem with a bunch of baboons that had become so used to getting fed by tourists they became out-right aggressive. Things got so bad that the preserve had to post signs and guards on the section of road where the baboons patrolled to keep the tourists from stopping where, if they did stop, the baboons would promptly attack them and take whatever food they could find and leave the tourists in a bloody mess.

    Greece, anyone? Or should I say “Lord of the Flies?”

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