That “Crazy Radio Comedian” Strikes Again?

Yes, you guessed it: another “Beck got it right” post from B3A. Only, this time, it’s not a “Beck got it right” as much as it is a Beck is just trying to tell you what the experts have been telling him (because this one hasn’t happened – yet).

Have you seen the story about what Reagan’s former adviser is saying regarding the economy?  Here’s a little bit of what he has to say about what’s coming:

Q: You sound as if we’re facing a financial crisis like the one that followed the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008.

A: Oh, far worse than Lehman. When the real margin call in the great beyond arrives, the carnage will be unimaginable.

But nooo, don’t listen to Beck or anyone else trying to warn us that we are about to pay the piper for all our borrowing.  They’re ALL crazy.  After all, we’ve all seen it a million times in the movies.  All you have to do is close your eyes and refuse to turn around and the masked guy with the knife standing behind us will go away — right?  WRONG!  In case you’ve never noticed, the ones in those movies who try to deny reality are ALWAYS the first to die.  It’s the people who listen to the warnings, say “Oh, crap!” accept it and then do what they can about it that survive.  The trick is, this is how it happens in real life, too – not just in the movies.  So, Beck or no, there are MANY people trying to tell us to buckle up and brace for impact.  Even Soros is telling people this crash is coming (though he is actually trying to make it happen).  Whether or not you listen, take them seriously and do what you can to get ready – just in case – will have a lot to do with how well things turn out for you and for this nation as a whole.

Please think about it.  There are too many of these warnings coming from too many sources and far too frequently now to mean nothing.    Don’t let this push to marginalize people like Beck and Stockman cause you to ignore them.  We may not get many more warnings.  Head the ones you’ve been given.

55 thoughts on “That “Crazy Radio Comedian” Strikes Again?

  1. The Sith Lords of the party of grand ole political perverts {GOP} have been doing their utmost best to bring down this financial crisis on our heads for many years. As it is the only way the friedmanites can impose their own special brand of financial and political tyranny upon the rest of us. See ya in the lake of fire at the end of time…

      • Don’t worry in time you and your fellow conservatives will have the power to put people like me to death.

    • General Grievous (Obama) is knee-deep into crony capitalism, luv. (all four hands are busy whirling out money to Wall-Street bankers, Green energy, &c., instead of defending their country with their light sabres) .

      Unfortunately, it seems that neither party can resist the power of the Dark Side…

      • No they can’t which is why I’m neither a liberal democrat nor a conservative republican as both camps are political perverts dedicated to subverting our political system for personal gain. Just as I’m opposed to murdering the unborn through the means of an abortion I’m also opposed to allowing a newborn to die from an untreated medical condition his/her parents can’t afford to treat.

        Murder by omission is just as immoral as murder by commission.

        On the other hand it is the economic policies promoted by conservatives that pose the most danger to our republic or should I say empire.

        • I agree with you in that the empire must get a grip on healthcare.(in other words, reform it to where some are not paying for others, which is causing the high rates) Of course, I think the empire must get a grip on SS, Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare, Food Stamps, Unemployment, and, well, I think you get my drift……

          Believe me, D., I want everyone to receive medical attention. I think we just have different views on how to get there…….

          Now, if you get too outta line, I’m callin Vader. He gave me his cell phone number 🙂

          • Medical insurance works the same way that life, home and auto insurance work. The premiums paid provide a pool of money from which the insurance company draws the funds to pay the benefits as needed. This is why the so called “mandate” is necessary – to make certain that everyone is putting money into the pool whether they get sick or not. Of course the major drawback of insurance is that the company would rather pay out big bonuses to the Sith Lords at the top of their pyramid scheme instead of honoring the promises made to their customers. Hence the only way to truly reform medical care is to do away with the “for profit model” and make health care into a non profit business.

          • Shame on you, Kells. The only way to “get a grip” on healthcare is to MANDATE, and “mandate” = ENSLAVE! While I realize there are inequities in the world, the notion that the way to solve them is to force others to do something against their will is nothing more than the enslaving of those you would force to act in the way YOU would have them act and for the purposes YOU have decided are just. There is no moral high ground in such an action, quite the contrary. That is evil – pure and simple.

            I would think better of you than to agree with someone like this newcomer. The world simply doesn’t work the way dapoet wants you to believe it can/should. If it were possible, it would have happened already. But it hasn’t, and every time dapoet’s kind has tried, HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS have been slaughtered.

            He/she is selling the same snake oil the serpent sold Eve in Eden.

          • dapoet,

            I am fairly certain that what I am about to type will fall on your deaf ghetto ears (after all, the best name you could come up with is Da’ Poet), so I promise to keep it short.

            There is never a case when the Federal government has a necessity right to force an individual mandate, with possibly the exception of the draft in a time of war.

            Now with that being said, the addition of government controlled healthcare will only serve to put healthcare out of business all together. Many of my local peers have already closed their practice secondary to the shifting of Medicare money towards Medicare (which will morph into the new government insurance). Where as these physicians could bill let’s say $145 dollars for the office visit, now they can only bill $75. I am certain this all sounds grand on the surface, until you start to factor the costs of maintaining a practice (roughly 125 per visit). You do the math.

            Black is right when he discusses slippery slopes concerning Obamacare. You should really take off your blinders, and do some cost analysis for the healthcare we are about to take on. It’s more unsustainable then your precious salesman (POTUS) or his cronies (Pelosi) have led you to believe in their advertisement barrages.

          • Dapoet.I was in your camp as recently as last year, but I am seeing that the feds are not the answer, indeed they are usually part of the question. Black calls our current system slavery, but it is more akin to voluntary servitude. Un-American however you slice it.
            If a larger pool of insured is necessary for the public health option to work, why can’t it be done on a volunteer basis? All government would have to do is get out of the way of organized blocs of purchasing power that can dictate terms to doctors and surgeons. Let patients get involved; give them a discount based on the number of errors on the final bill.

            Another advantage over a mandate, with pools, one can identify and kick out the hypochondriacs, and further save money for all participants.

  2. Of course conservatives would argue that without the profit motive no one would be motivated to become a doctor or build a hospital. Which is why when a doctor or insurance agent tries to tell me they don’t do it for the money but to help people out of the goodness of their pea pickin hearts I call them the same thing that I call conservatives – A LIAR.

  3. dapoet,

    You can pretend you hold the high ground with your talk against “empire,” but your words indicate that all you want to do is substitute one empire for another – in this case, that of socialism/the collective.

    Here’s a tip: while the “empire” you say you are against may have inequities, the “empire” you are advocating is far worse as it lays low the ENTIRE nation for the benefit of the elite few who can manage to seize and hold on to the reigns of power.

    You are nothing more than a power seeker without power trying to wrap himself in a false flag of morality. It doesn’t work as it has become a transparent ploy. But thanks for playing.

    • The problem with conservatism is that it always leads to the merging of corporate power with that of the state – fascism – which is exactly what Mussolini did when he created this form of govt. and imposed it upon Italy. Indeed once Hitler came into power he imposed conservative economic policy on Germany by outlawing the trade unions and taking away the rights of the workers thereby making them virtual slaves to their employers who financially supported the Nazi party. Last I heard Hitler murdered 6 million Jews not counting the millions more killed during the war to rid the world of National socialism and fascism.

      Conservatism is an ideology based on false assumptions of human nature that allows greed {one of the basest of vices to hold sway for the good of the few to the detriment of the many} and can only be truly imposed during a time of crisis while the common citizen is caught off guard. To claim that the Keynesian policies Obama has used to bring about the improvement of the economy wrecked by the conservative policies of ronald reagan and bush jr. as socialism {to put it bluntly} is an outright lie.

      These same conservative economic policies espoused by milton friedman were also imposed on several countries in south america and russia through the IMF. Which led to the imposition of tyranny and resulted in the death of millions. China used these very same policies to create the class of princelings and enslave millions more of its citizens to the state.

      There is no high road for you to travel upon and your destiny lies in the lake of fire at the end of time along with the rest of the liars who espouse the tyranny of conservatism.

      • dapoet,

        Your ignorance is showing. You haven’t an idea of what “conservatism” is, you only have an image in your head that you dislike and are trying to paint onto those who you consider to be your enemy. In fact, what you are describing is PROGRESSIVISM, and that is a creature of the left – as is fascism. Looking at how Obama is cozying up with corporations like GE and GM and the labor unions, it’s painfully obvious that you are a partisan hack. Otherwise – if you WERE sincere in your attack – you would be aiming them at the Party that is actually DOING the things you claim the GOP “wants” to do.

        Like I said: 180 degree rule in action.

        • I’m a realist and as long as the Sith Lords of the party of Grand ole Political Perverts {GOP} continue to take their marching orders from the corporate lobbyists who contribute to their reelection campaigns. Then conservatives such as yourself have no moral standing whatsoever to complain when the Democrats do the same.

  4. Oh and btw the roman catholic church {a perverse mixture of Christianity and paganism} slew 100 million to 150 million men, women and children during the middle ages. Just thought I would mention this since Christianity and conservatism all too often go hand in hand while common decency and morality are all too often not part of their adherents makeup. Even though they lie by falsely claiming the so called high road.

    • Dapoet,

      Well since you are tossing 1,000 year old stones, care to toss around the numbers your Muslim brothers killed in the same time frame?

      Yeah, I didn’t think so.

      • The point augger is that neither Christianity nor conservatism has the moral high ground and any conservative or christian who claims so IS A LIAR.

          • He can’t, history doesn’t support him. I suppose his “100 million Christian murders” is referring to the Crusades. FFunny how his side ALWAYS leaves out the reason for the Crusades. Had the Muslims NOT invaded and murdered millions before the Crusades, they would have never happened. This doesn’t excuse what the Christians did, but it does shed some light on the issue that people like dapoet ALWAYS dismiss and/or ignore. Just like they ignore the 60+ million Stalin killed (who knows how many died under Lenin), the 70+ million Mao killed, the – what? – 200+ million who died because of WW II – a conflict caused by the far left. Then we have his buddies in Cuba, Southeast Asia, … etc, etc.

          • @ black – precisely. He’s just bellowing rhetoric for the sake of … well … I’m not sure. Just sorta comes off as yet another atheist who feels someone stepped on his big toe.

            @ kells – I absolutely have no idea what the heck you are talking about (as usual). 😦

  5. Well, A., no offense, but I have no idea what you’re talking about. Could you be more specific or are you currently flying through an asteroid field? I don’t know how I can understand Jabba the Hutt and not you boys…..

    • Dapoet59 writes: “Oh and btw the roman catholic church […] slew 100 million to 150 million […] during the middle ages”

      “A” responds: “Well since you are tossing 1,000 year old stones, care to toss around the numbers your Muslim brothers killed in the same time frame?”

      ::: intermission ::: Anything there not clear Kells?

      Dapoet59 retorts: “The point augger is that neither Christianity nor conservatism has the moral high ground and any conservative or christian who claims so IS A LIAR.”

      note: here is the claim for “moral high ground”, you should note that this statement was not made by “A”.

      “A” responds: “Substantiate your claim. You’ve tossed it out there. Give examples.”

      ::: intermission :: Anything there not clear Kells? (hint: it was a request yet unanswered by “Duh” Poet)

      “black replies: “He can’t, history doesn’t support him. […] FFunny how his side ALWAYS leaves out the reason for the Crusades.”
      “A” responds to black: “@ black – precisely.”

      and also to your post below … “Are you speaking of the moral high ground in politics or religion? Hope this message comes across as R2D2 is currently on the mend…..”

      “A” states “I absolutely have no idea what the heck you are talking about (as usual).”

      ::: intermission ::: We clear so far? Hope so, because now I am going to answer as to why I typed that.

      @ Kells … what exactly in God’s green Earth does a fictional George Lucas created robot have to do with anything about Christians, or Muslims killing “millions” of people, or who can claim the “moral high ground”? Color me stupid, but I cannot make the connection. And yet here you are now babbling around about asteroids, and Jabba the Hutt. Too much on the Huka lately? Makes no damn sense.

      • Oh, brother! The theme to which dapoet initiated the post was Star Wars. I was merely following that theme with my recollections of the show and my political points of view. Dang! Why do I always hear Rod Serling when I talk with you boys?

        Somebody, anybody! Was I not clear????

        • I never said that “duh” poet was a sensible person Kell’s. What miffs me is that you would follow suit.

          Just saying. 🙂

        • Kellsbells you were clear the problem is that augger is as ignorant of history as the average conservative while his mind is so filled with bigotry that it can’t contain more then one soundbite at a time. As I’ve written before conservatism is an ideology based on greed and as long as conservatives continue to elevate greed to a moral virtue their claims of being christian are either false or Christianity has no moral value. As when it comes to health care conservatives are perfectly willing to allow the sick to die from lack of medical care even as they seek to pass laws that outlaw abortion.

          • Kells,

            The IGNORANT one here is this dumbpoet. If HE knew history, he would understand that “conservative” means to maintain the status quo. That would make OBAMA the conservative at the moment.

            Or, if we “assume” he means Republicans, then he has an additional problem in that the 180 degree rule is shinning all over his shadow party word vomit because OBAMA – again – is the one DOING the things he claims the GOP is doing.

            Either way you slice it, this dude has drown in the Kool-Aid.

          • But D., surely you must see that the Federation has aided the Ewoks in the emergency rooms…….at no cost to them.

            And this is what I mean by reformation…..okay, the Lutheran in me is comin out….but, truly, should the empire have its hand in medical practices? Should they have their hand in eduacation? Should they have their hand in anythig? I know where I’d like their hand to be…Should one be required to pay for another? At least at church or at a non-profit, it’s tax deductible and voluntary…….hmm……taxes……that’s another story…….

  6. Caught Beck’s radio program on the drive from Marianna to PC (I usually do on Monday). Rick Santorum was on the program and they primarily discussed Romneycare v. Obamacare. Basically the same thing. Very interesting discussion.

    • Romney has NEVER disavowed “his” healthcare scheme. This is the Problem with Progressive – no matter what Party they are in: they will ALWAYS tell you the idea sucks…unless THEY are the one who has come up with the answer. It’s in the DNA of a Progressive to think they are the first person in history to be able to “do it right.” It’s part of the disease that is Progressivism (socialism, communism, fascism – pick your COLLECTIVIST “ism”). It will ALWAYS be this way.

  7. @ black/cracker,

    Now I am no supporter of Mitt Romney, and I did not vote for him, but for the sake of fairness, he actually has stated that:

    “I think it’s a great plan, but I’m a federalist,” “I don’t believe in applying what works in one state to all states if different states have different circumstances.” (Meet the Press)

    Romney’s migration to more of a conservative position is demonstrated by:

    “Government can’t match consumers and markets when it comes to lowering cost, improving quality and boosting productivity. Compare the U.S. Postal Service with UPS and Federal Express. Stack North Korea against South Korea. The right answer for health care is to apply more market force, not less.” (News Week)

    The man also is quoted at stating that Medicare, and Medicaid need reforming, centered around reforms on the state level. Additionally, though I believe him to be incorrect about the amounts, his position on repealing Obamacare has also not changed–if elected he is going to attempt to repeal that monstrosity, and that’s good news to me for as it would be with any of these candidates.

    Romney, Meet The Press Interview, 2007
    Romney, “Healthcare: The Answer is Unleashing Markets – Not Government”, Newsweek, 05/02/2009

    • augger,

      I know, but the man is not “migrating,” he is “triangulating” because he needs votes. Put him in office and watch how fast he finds “reasons” to keep Obamacare — with “modifications,” of course.

      The bottom line is this: in his heart Romney still thinks govt. mandates are acceptable, whether State or federal. Now, wasn’t it you who told us that if it does not advance liberty…? 😉

      • Yes I did Black, but at the very top of the post I stated “I did not support or vote for the man.” Just making some points, you know.

        I remain diametrically opposed to any individual mandates, and would attack them as I have with Oblamer, no matter who the POTUS might be at the time.

        • Brother, not attacking you. Just trying to apply your sage advice in “the real world” – where we KNOW Romney’s tune will do the same thing that everyone else’s does the moment they win: CHANGE!. 🙂

  8. augger – Beck played an interview with Romney that occured in 2009. Romney said his state healthcare plan (Romneycare) was a model for a “national healthcare plan” that Obama should use. Personally, I believe Romney has every intention of forcing Romenycare on the nation in his grand scheme to “overhaul healthcare ” (his words in the interview).

    • FC,

      How DARE you listen to the man, take him at his word and accept that he will do what he says he is going to do? Don’t you realize that makes you a hate mongering, homophobic conspiracy theorist? 😉

      LOL, nicely done, my man. Ever wonder why so many Progressives hate Beck? Easy, because he plays THEIR WORDS against them. 🙂

      • “Romney Once Touted Parts of Romenycare as a “national model”

        In an interview with CNN in 2009, as Washington was debating President Barack Obama’s health care proposal, Romney said portions of the Massachusetts law could serve as a model for the country.

        “I think there are a number of features in the Massachusetts plan that could inform Washington on ways to improve health care for all Americans,” Romney told CNN. “The fact that we were able to get people insured without a government option is a model I think they can learn from.”

        When the president signed his health care plan into law, it no longer had a “public option.” But it did have an insurance mandate, something many conservative Tea Party Republicans view as unconstitutional.

        The insurance mandate in “Romneycare” wasn’t a major liability in the governor’s first presidential run in 2008 because “Obamacare” wasn’t born yet.

      • The biggest difference in Obamacare and Romneycare was the government-run health insurance option. Romney was against it, Obama was for it (in 2009). It wasn’t popular with the Democrats and was not included in the national health care law.

        • Which is exactly why Pelosi had to stand in front of Americans and claim that we had to pass it to know whats in it.

          So much for the transparency that Team Oblamer had promised Americans. But hey, pathological liars are the in thing these days I suppose.

  9. Re: but, “…should the empire have its hand in medical practices?

    Kells it really depends on what kind of society one wants to live in. Conservatives have the same attitude as the Pharisees of Christ’s day and are hell bent on dragging our society back to the Victorian era; nor do they care if people are allowed to die on the streets because they can’t afford medical care as long as there is plenty of money to build the bombs needed to drop on any other country whose leaders dare to stand up to and refuse to be bullied by our leaders.

    • Yeah, Kells, better to go with the libs who just kill people by the millions until there’s no one left to oppose them.,

      Hey, poet, there’s only one problem with the two of us playing these straw man games: I have history that says my claims are not straw man whereas yours are. 😀

  10. Black you can start by reading The Great Controversy written by Ellen G. White and checking out the historical references there. The authors of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights were well aware of how the Papacy ruled Europe and used the power of the state to slaughter all those who refused to bow to the Roman Catholic Church.

    Which is what they sought to prevent here by keeping both the church and the state separate while today’s religious conservatives want to tear that wall down in order to merge their religion with the state and impose it on the rest of us.

    Progressive {fascist} conservatives on the other hand are hell bent on merging corporate power with the state.

    Both roads lead to tyranny.

    • You might want to bypass her and read what the FOUNDERS said. I have NEVER denied that they did not want the govt. arm of organized religion meddling with the functions of civil govt. but they NEVER said that religion should be divorced from that govt and/or the people who operate it. Quite the contrary: they said a free and self-governing society DEMANDED a moral people, and that morality rested ONLY in religion. The issue at hand is that you and many like you cannot or will not understand there is a difference between the Pope and an open acknowledgment of faith coupled with the ability to live accordingly – even while holding public office.

      As for calling conservatives fascists, again you show your ignorance of history – or possibly a deliberate confusion so as to taint those you perceive to be your political foes.

      Fascism = NAZIsm = National SOCIALISM! Ergo, BY DEFINITION, fascism is in the family of the socialist, AS IS THE PROGRESSIVE! But you are correct, all roads on the left lead to tyranny.

      “Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”
      –John Adams, October 11, 1798

      A Bible and a newspaper in every house, a good school in every district – all studied and appreciated as they merit – are the principal support of virtue, morality, and civil liberty.”
      –Benjamin Franklin, in a letter dated March 1778 to the Ministry of France

      “Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports. In vain would that man claim the tribute of patriotism, who should labor to subvert these great pillars of human happiness, these firmest props of the duties of men and citizens. ”
      –George Washington, Fair well address

      “Men, in a word, must necessarily be controlled either by a power within them or by a power without them; either by the Word of God or by the strong arm of man; either by the Bible or by the bayonet.”
      –Robert Winthrop, Speaker of the U. S. House

      The left – who have ever hated religion as they seek to replace God with themselves, have always resorted to the blade when they couldn’t force the people to submit. History is wrote with the greatest of evils coming at the hands of people with little or no religion at all.

      I could go on, but people like you and dougindeep will just tell me these are all out of context (and I laugh at you because you think you are serious, reasonable people who pursue the truth…HA!) Put I post just a very few examples here for the benefit of those who may be reading who possess a real desire to know the truth.

  11. Black your ignorance of the atrocities perpetuated by papacy during the middle ages is quite astounding; the rise of the left {socialism etc.} is a direct result of the tyranny of the roman catholic church and the feudalism imposed upon the masses by those who believed in the divine right of kings.

    “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.” – Benito Mussolini.

    Today’s republicans who always claim to be fiscal conservatives in order to get elected are in reality bought and paid for by the corporations who fund their election campaigns; and it is the corporations our politicians serve and not the people who elect them into political office.

    • You know NOTHING of what I do or do not know about the history of the Catholic Church because I didn’t speak to them. I ignored them as what they are – a red herring, a diversion, an attempt to leave a battle you realize you have lost so you can fool readers into thinking you won through your diversion. I just wasn’t fooled – as I’m not now.

      And to your implications that only the conservative movement is bought and paid for by big business, you once again show that it is YOU who are ignorant. I offer GE as but one example of Obama being in bed with big business. But again, it is not a Party thing, it is a corruption thing – and as long as you keep insisting this is Party orientated, you will continue to be part of the problem.

      BTW: Fascism/corporatism/socialism/communism/progressivism: no difference between any of them, they ALL seek nothing more than to replace the power of the Church and/or Aristocracy with themselves. Their claims to be “for the people” are just camouflage to convince the unwitting to sign on to their own deaths and history supports me on this.

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