The Church of Latter-Day Stupor

Better known as the Morons…

(With apologies to the LDS Church for the title, nothing about the Mormons, Mitt Romney or the State of Utah appears in this post)

Are we growing future generations of morons? Maybe not, but we are facing generations of knuckle dragging troglodytes who will likely be unable to save themselves from, or take care of themselves after, the coming zombie apocalypse. From the Sydney Morning Herald, it’s clear that its not just the US, Australia is creating zombie fodder, too:

Zombie Fodder

Three-quarters of Australian children in their final year of primary school believe cotton socks come from animals and 27 per cent are convinced yoghurt grows on trees.

A national survey of year 6 and 10 students by the Australian Council for Educational Research found yawning gaps in young people’s knowledge of basic food origins.

In a hypothetical lunch box of bread, cheese and a banana, only 45 per cent in year 6 could identify all three as from farms.

More than 40 per cent in year 10 thought cotton came from an animal and more than a quarter of their younger peers believed yoghurt came from plants. In year 10, 13 per cent identified yoghurt as a plant product.

The Primary Industries Education Foundation, which commissioned the research to be released today, said the findings were a ”wake-up” call.

”We’re a very urbanised nation,” said the foundation’s chairman, Cameron Archer. ”Food is relatively cheap. Everyone takes it for granted and we’re quite complacent about our well-being.”

Dr Archer, who is the principal of Tocal agricultural college, near Maitland, said he was surprised at the ignorance of some pupils.

”I was surprised that some of these very, very basic relationships weren’t understood,” he said. ”It’s fascinating you can have a big bale of hay one day and then milk to produce a few thousand lattes the next day.”

We clearly have our share of ignorant adults – remember this classic from Santa Cruz, California?

This kind of willful ignorance lasts a lifetime. It is a gift that keeps on giving. Here are some things that you as an  adult, may “know” as true, but aren’t…

Word Around The Net has these little gems of “truth”:

In this series I’ve tried to find stories and commonly held beliefs about the past and events which are at least partly if not completely false. I like to find out this kind of thing, perhaps because it verifies by cynicism, and perhaps just because I want to be correct. Certainly given the state of journalism in the US (if not worldwide) its no surprise many basic presumptions about events are utterly false.

There are so many of these I could write for months, but too many of them are so small and short I’d be padding just to make a full blog article out of them. So here are a lot of these short takes to look over. How many of these had you heard wrong in the past?

  • William Randolph Hearst didn’t start the Spanish-American war, despite Citizen Kane. There zero evidence, and Hearst always denied it.
  • Kennedy didn’t win the race based on his performance at the televised debate with Nixon, he only got a 2% bump in the polls, which is within the margin of error.
  • Johnson probably never said “If I’ve lost Cronkite, I’ve lost America;” he wasn’t even watching the news when Walter Cronkite treacherously declared the Vietnam war (despite all evidence to the contrary) to have been lost. Johnson continued to be upbeat about the war and condemned people who called for withdrawal.
  • For that matter, the Tet Offensive was a disastrous, ghastly defeat for the Viet Cong, which in effect ceased to exist after it because the US military totally obliterated them, reversing their temporary gains in a matter of days.
  • The press didn’t bring Nixon down. Even Bob Woodward calls that horse(bleep). It was the special prosecutor and the supreme court, not the press, but the “heroic journalist” narrative is too sweet for the media to pass up.
  • Following the Watergate scandal, there was supposedly a doubling of journalism students, making reporters hot for the first time in history… except that never happened. There was a very slight gain, but the doubling had already taken place.
  • JFK wore a hat to his inauguration, in fact he was the last president to wear the traditional stove pipe hat.
  • Michael Moore’s entire movie Roger And Me was based on his not being able to get into talk to the president of GM… but he did, but just didn’t bother showing that in the film, since it would ruin his entire thesis.
  • One in Four women in college have not been the victim of attempted rape
  • 30% of women’s visits to emergency rooms do not come from domestic abuse
  • The “rule of thumb” does not refer to the size of a rod that could be used to beat women legally.
  • There is no rise in domestic violence on Superbowl Sunday.
  • Sacco and Vanzetti were guilty.
  • Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were guilty.
  • Alger Hiss was guilty.

In fact, you could do a whole article on people the left defend as innocent who were actually, really guilty. I probably will, with greater detail. There are a lot more of these.

We are turning out generations of automatons, ripe for a global totalitarian government. In a generation or two, we will have produced a majority of people who are basically cattle, willing chattel for the ruling elite to command.

Knowledge is power. If I know how to grow crops, butcher a hog or steer, hunt and trap wild game, cure meat and preserve grain, I have power over those who don’t…and just for the record, I learned all this growing upon a farm in Mississippi. I would wager that my generation is the probably the last that had this level of contact with how food really gets produced. Most of our children jut think that you go to Publix and there it is.

Zombie Apocalypse – bring it on! Remember, when anarchy breaks out, a shotgun with double-ought buck is your best bet for close quarters self defense – get a Remington 870 Tactical, it is the ultimate in point and click. Get a 9 mil or 40 cal. automatic handgun (I prefer the Beretta 92FS – 15 round mag) for medium range wet work, save the rifles for hunting food, if you are shooting zombies that far away you are just having fun, you could outrun them at that distance.

Is it any wonder why we have people who simply do not understand the basic mechanics of an economy, believe that they can’t succeed without government, simply can’t conceive of being independent and responsible for their own lives, and even believe that Barack Obama is a good president?

7 thoughts on “The Church of Latter-Day Stupor

  1. Well, just the other day, as I was picking vegetables from my vegetable tree, I espied a zombie hiding behind my yogurt tree. Luckily, he was taken down by my trained zombie-attack dogs. Hopefully, you’ll post a pamphlet on how to protect oneself from this scourge in our communities. I thank you.

  2. This is easy to understand/explain. Here, the words of a media “hero” can explain how these people see us:

    “The public must be put in its place, so that it may exercise its own powers, but no less and perhaps even more, so that each of us may live free of the trampling and the roar of a bewildered herd.”

    –Walter Lippmann

    And for good measure, here’s what the father of our modern school system thought about actually teaching people HOW to think as opposed to WHAT to “feel:”

    “Children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective society which is coming where everyone is interdependent.”

    –John Dewey

    The sooner we understand and accept that THIS IS what these folks think of their fellow man, and how they believe THEY should deal with it, the better off we’ll be – as it will help us understand that we MUST marginalize THEM for our own survival.

  3. I’m thinking this one would be better as a home defense weapon…twin seven round magazines, plus one in the chamber.

    Load one magazine with no. 7 bird shot and the other with either double ought or slugs. A selector switch behind the trigger allows swapping between magazines with every shot. The first shot with bird shot to blind the intruder and the second shot of OO buck or a slug in the thoracic cavity for effect.

    And yes, my S&W model 5906 in 9mm is awesome for close in…less than fifty yards. 😉

    • I appreciate your advice, and it is EXCELLENT for the average person who is not familiar with the finer points of marksmanship, but I’ll keep my M4 w/30 round clips. Inside 100 yrds, I do not use sights and keep a 3 inch group. I can and do hit tennis balls at that range, off hand, shooting over the barrel w/o any optics or iron assistance. Inside 25 yrds – NEVER MISS.

      You’d be amazed at what 3-5 5.56 mm ball rounds will do to even a hardened target when delivered rapidly inside a 3 inch circle. Well, OK, most people would be amazed, but I suspect you have some idea what that will do, G 😉

      • I think a plan is now forming to combat the zombies…..So while I cook for an army (let me know likes, dislikes, allergies, &c.), you boys wil be shooting your balls off, right?

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