Zeeba the Syphilitic Camel

Smitty at The Other McCain puts steel on target in a post about how the Holder DOJ railroaded Alaska Senator Ted Stevens:

The case seems to be that Senator Stevens was the victim of a gross miscarriage of justice. While ‘gross miscarriage of justice’ is par for the Eric Holder course, and one would be naive to think Stevens was severely angelic, the notion of a fair trial is still an American ideal. Isn’t it? Holder has done a thoroughgoing job of sodomizing the notion.

And how is this going to look for #OccupyResoluteDesk? Admittedly, it’s really not possible for him and his sad pack of jackwagons to look much worse. But what this blog hopes people get out of this, and the Sandra Fluke story, is that Obama. Must. Go. He will write out a stack of pardons for his ghoulish little creepshow cast, and they can all find the Commie lecture circuit, golf course, whatever.

However, I don’t care if Zeeba the Syphilitic Camel limps its gangrenous, spavined carcass out of the GOP Convention. If you fail to support that camel, you are risking the continuation of the Obama Administration. Sure, I think all the candidates suck. It’s fun to say: ‘I cannot tell the difference between Obama and that doof you support, and will not vote for him.’ But when you look at Holder, Sebelius, Napolitano, &c, it’s hard to conclude that such primary season airs are rational. Maybe it is possible to conclude that, say, a Ron Paul administration would somehow achieve worse depths of fascism than we’ve seen from Chicago-on-the-Potomac. I just don’t see how.

12 thoughts on “Zeeba the Syphilitic Camel

  1. C’mon , M! You know damn well that Ron Paul would not pull these shenanigans! You boys may say what you will about him; but as sure as I’m in FL is as as sure is he will hold to the Constitution…….

    Now, if I go on travel, I suppose I’ll have to redact this comment….

    • But the Constitution can be used to uphold communism and even slavery – depending on how one reads it.

      Paul may know the letter of the Constitution, but I’ve yet to hear him speak with the same passion about embracing and supporting the spirit of the Constitution – the Declaration of Independence. And I doubt he ever will because, if you read his book, “Defining Liberty,” you’ll see he opposes some fundamental principles the Constitution was meant to protect.

      So, in short, Paul may swear by the map (i.e. Constitution), but he doesn’t know where we’re supposed to go (the Declaration).

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