It’s Not a Fluke: The Choice is the EIB or HBO

There is more to learn from the Rush Limbaugh/Sandra Fluke situation than just that there are vastly different standards for conservatives and liberals.

It is clear now that Ms. Fluke, the Democrat Inflatable Sex Toy, was nothing but a stage prop in a grander power play but she provides the opportunity for conservatives to learn something if we just listen.

That there is institutional bias against conservatives isn’t news and there is no honest person who can say that Rush is being treated the same as Bill Maher, Ed Shultz, David Letterman or any of the legion of liberal talk show hosts/public figures who have demeaned conservative men and women.

Maybe it is us, the conservative base. Maybe we just aren’t cynical enough or vicious enough to go for the jugular like the left does…on everything, no matter the size, scope or importance of the issue. As Bill Quick at the Daily Pundit points out, we should not be surprised that they go for the kill every time:

Outrageous!… Daily Kos Urges Westboro Baptist Church to Protest Andrew Breitbart’s Funeral | The Gateway Pundit

It’s just outrageous.  Daily Kos is urging the crazy extremists of Westboro Baptist Church to protest at Andrew Breitbart’s funeral.

No, it’s typical lefty behavior. Why are conservatives always surprised when they discover that leftists are fighting a war to the death with them, and all’s fair in war?

You know, there must be some conservatives out there who aren’t gutless pussies looking to lick the balls of the left in search of votes and approval, but they seem fairly thin on the ground. And with Breitbart’s death, they’re even thinner.

[h/t to Instapundit for the link to Quick]

Andrew Breitbart, a man who represented honest and aggressive investigative journalism, exemplifies the kind of ruthless filter for idiots and liars that the left elevates to sainthood when bringing down those on the right – and the left hated him for it. Breitbart committed the unforgivable sin of converting from a liberal to a conservative – in Hollywood of all places – and straying outside the “progressive” plantation and because of this, a special kind of hatred was reserved for him in life and is now magnified in his death.

Putting aside facts already in evidence, let’s get back to the other important lesson…

I found it in this statement from Bill Maher:

“Rush, I don’t have sponsors – I’m on HBO.”

Maher implies that he is part of the media establishment, protected from the actions of the free market because he is integrated into the institution of media.

Rush’s success and longevity depends on the popularity of his product, his program, and he stands independent and alone as he pursues his future. Individual stations can choose to carry his program; individual listeners can choose to listen or to turn him off. As we are seeing, sponsors also have a choice to access his audience or not. If you don’t listen and don’t patronize his advertisers, Rush’s opinions cost you nothing. It is truly the Rush Limbaugh Show – a man behind the golden EIB microphone.

Where Rush is part of the free market, reaping its benefits and suffering its challenges, Maher isn’t.

Maher is part of a media collective. If you subscribe to HBO for the movies, you get Maher’s show. You don’t have a choice. Maher is part of a package. Sure, you can turn him off but unlike Rush, if you pay for HBO, your money is going to fund Maher’s leftist and misogynistic politics as he revels in insulting you and your beliefs – all the while growing rich on your money.

You may disagree with Maher but regardless of your politics you pay his salary. Not so with Limbaugh.

This is a perfect analogy of the danger of collectivism in an unconstrained government. Just like Maher’s show, we are all compelled to pay subscription fees, the taxes that pay for necessary functions of government (and the illegitimate ones as well). Like HBO, government is a package deal. We can’t just opt out of the programs that we don’t agree with. We are constantly being treated with condescension and disdain by the “elites” in government, constantly insulted even as our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms are attacked. Leftists in government are improving their own economic conditions as they destroy the national economy, cater to their cronies with our tax dollars and increase their power over us – all while using our taxes to go for our jugular.

Rush and the free market of ideas or Maher and collectivism. The EIB or HBO. These are our choices.

I stand with Rush.

Think about that as we crash headlong toward Election 2012.

8 thoughts on “It’s Not a Fluke: The Choice is the EIB or HBO

  1. So I’m reading your article, and getting more and more upset with the media, when I come across this little nugget: “pussies looking to lick the balls” . My husband’s on travel, so thanks a lot for the painful reminder of what cannot be…..

  2. Here’s an idea:

    Let’s elect a REAL conservative President, a TEA Party House and get enough Senators to marginally call the Senate “Republican,” then just refuse to renew the licenses of ABC, CBS and NBC based on OBAMA’S “Diversity Czar’s” own admonition that some people will have to give up their places in the media so others can have their turn/chance. Then we just grant one of those licenses to Rush, one to O’Reilly and one to Limbaugh (we’ll let NPR/PBS stay around). There you go: Libs on NPR/PBS, Conservatives with Limbaugh, Libertarians with Beck and “moderates” with O’Reilly – DIVERSITY in one easy step and the media mafia will have been broken using the very tools it used to build itself.

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