Remedial Constitutional Education for Kos

We do this stuff all the time…via Karl at Hot Air:

As many of you still shun Twitter, I must share with you the wit and insight of nutroots commissar Markos “Kos” Moultisas on Rick Santorum’s Super Tuesday speech:

Following widespread mockery from the right, Kos did what he always does… dig himself a deeper hole:

Apparently, Kos was never taught that the Founders of our nation believed in natural rights, although this is obvious from the opening of the Declaration of Independence:

Read it all…

How Hobbseian of Markos. Kos displays the teaching of Hobbes that says that man is animal to be governed by the force of other men, except that our Founders rejected Hobbes for the concepts of a God given individual freedom as espoused by John Locke:

Locke’s writings have inspired me to give good and proper consideration to liberty and how it is being stripped from us a little at a time. Our culture is so drunk with modernity and mind-numbingly drugged by the opiates of the relative ease and comforts of our sedentary lives that we hardly notice, or even seem to care, that we are suffering the equivalent of being flayed alive – having the very skin peeled from our bodies as we watch.

I ran across a quote from Locke’s Second Treatise of Civil Government, specifically in Chapter IV, Section 23:

This freedom from absolute, arbitrary power, is so necessary to, and closely joined with a man’s preservation, that he cannot part with it, but by what forfeits his preservation and life together: for a man, not having the power of his own life, cannot, by compact, or his own consent, enslave himself to any one, nor put himself under the absolute, arbitrary power of another, to take away his life, when he pleases. No body can give more power than he has himself; and he that cannot take away his own life, cannot give another power over it. Indeed, having by his fault forfeited his own life, by some act that deserves death; he, to whom he has forfeited it, may (when he has him in his power) delay to take it, and make use of him to his own service, and he does him no injury by it: for, whenever he finds the hardship of his slavery outweigh the value of his life, it is in his power, by resisting the will of his master, to draw on himself the death he desires.

In shorter form, Locke states:

  • Man cannot exist without freedom from absolute and arbitrary power.
  • No person can give more power than he has himself, nor can he assume the same over another.

In considering our modern condition, there are many who are either too lazy to even contemplate this condition, find such thought unnecessary or capricious, or simply are not intellectually curious enough to understand this fundamental requirement of liberty in America.

I find that simply astounding on the one hand and soul wrenchingly disappointing on the other.

Webster defines “liberty” as:

The quality or state of being free: a : the power to do as one pleases b : freedom from physical restraint c : freedom from arbitrary or despotic control d : the positive enjoyment of various social, political, or economic rights and privileges e : the power of choice.

Locke proposed that liberty was an individual concept and that only the individual could allow his liberty to be taken from him. He believed that this was the necessary condition for freedom.

Most of the “progressive” attacks on liberty are Hobbesian (Thomas Hobbes, 1588 – 1679) in nature. Hobbes believed that man behaved as an animal and he always reverted to his animal pedigree. As such, he must be governed be fear and force as peaceful relationships do not come naturally and must be forced.

7 thoughts on “Remedial Constitutional Education for Kos

  1. As for twitting or twittering or twittiley,twattily,twoottiling, no thanks. (Just learned to text for Pete’s sake)

    Freedom? Silly, boys. We girls prefer that you live in the delusion that you’re free, when in fact, you’re truly…………. our slaves! (insert sinister laugh)


  2. Speaking of slaves, er, I mean,sweet little delectable dumplings such as you; would you be so kind as to do a Rule 5 on Boris Vallejo? (His artwork, not him, of course….let’s face it, most people prefer to look at the master, er, I mean the female form)

  3. Mike,

    Never been more proud to know you or be a part of RNL than I am right now. To me, this is one of, if not your best post ever. You called down a fire-for-effect on troops in the open and went hot without the spotter rounds – and NAILED THEM! Sierra Hotel, my man, Sierra Hotel!!!

    Friends, Utah just explained why the Declaration MUST be re-united with and was never intended to be separated from the Constitution – and why the enemies of liberty seek so desperately to divorce them. 😀

    • Amen Joe. And that leaves us to the conundrum of how to put this movement in reverse. It’s something that I touched on before, but did not quite have the right idea in my mind to bring it forth (which was why I was picking at your brain), but here’s what I think we need to do moving forward …

      It all starts at home…in each state. We have to work diligently and collectively on the state level to promote with our elected official that we want the independence on the state level returned. We can never let up on that plea, and if they do not listen, elect someone else who will.

      These state politicians have got to learn at some point to stop trading our state’s rights and responsibilities to the Federal Government for money that never belonged to the Federal Government to begin with. On the state level, we need to suck it up and spend what we have the right way. Hell, I would even gladly trade a state income tax to get the Federal Government’s thumb off this state. We need to be soluble on our own, and then as a state … tell the feds to “stick it”.

      Get all 50 states in line … and we have our country back.

    • And you know what? If that makes me a terrorist to Oblamer and his cronies then all I have to say is …. “Come at me bro…”

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