Senator OBAMA say President OBAMA is LYING About NOT Wanting Higher Gas Prices!!!

Yes, you read that headline correctly. Now, let me prove that it is true to you. It starts with this press conference exchange. Have you seen it yet?


First of all, this reporter should have immediately come back – in as assertive a voice as he could muster – and said “I am not one of your media sycophants, Mr. President.  You can’t use Saul Alinsky to avoid my question because I have solid quotes from Senator Obama proving that what you hope to infer is not accurate.  According to Senator Obama, you actually do want higher gas prices.”


That’s right, when Obama ridicules this reporter while trying to imply that he doesn’t want higher gas prices, he is using the tactics of Saul Alinksy to avoid answering the reporter’s question.  Unfortunately for President Obama, all those in America with functioning cerebral cortex and who are paying attention now know that he is a student and professor of Saul Alinsky and his tactics.  We have proof that Obama taught Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” during his time as a community organizer.  So these cheap parlor tricks only work with the ignorant and the willing tail-kissers in his Party and the media.


The truth is, Senator Obama said he did want higher gas prices while on the campaign in 2008.  He claims high gas prices do not really harm Americans or the economy, so it won’t hurt for them to go higher, he just wants to see the prices rise slowly:


Candidate/Senator Obama also said his plans would cause electric prices to “necessarily skyrocket:”



But, during the same 2008 campaign, “candidate” Obama ran the add seen in this link.  In the add, he claims he is not beholden to the oil companies and he will “put it to” the oil companies.  Well, as it has turned out, he was telling the truth, but we’ll come back to this in a moment because now we need to see that current President Obama also says that President Obama does want higher energy prices in general (note: if you’re getting confused about Obama testifying against himself, just imagne what it feels like to be inside his head).


Did you know that Energy Secretary Steven Chew testified to Congress that “we” are not interested in keeping the cost of gasoline low?  He said that as the Energy Secretary, so that “we” means President Obama.  But wait, didn’t Obama just mock a member of the press for asking whether or not he wants what his own Energy Secretary says he wants?  Folks, this is the same Energy Secretary who, in 2008, said this:


“Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.”


The truth is, there are things that could be done in the short and long term that would help get oil prices down and keep them down.  Many of the policies of the Obama Administration actually serve to keep the cost of oil higher than it otherwise needs to be.  In this case, actions contradict Obama’s words.  Here are some things you should know about this Administrations policies toward oil.


Now, let’s go back to Obama’s 2008 assertion that he is not connected to the big oil companies.  I accept that – BECAUSE HE IS IN THE POCKET OF BIG GREEN!  His connections to GE and wind/CFL’s; GM and the volt; the many solar energy companies and other “green” ideas such as mass transit are all well documented.  So is his devotion to cap-and-trade.  So it should be easy to see that Obama is using the Presidency to harm competitors to his green energy masters and also to funnel tax money to his masters in return for campaign contributions (please google this one, you’ll find support for this accusation all over the place).


But there are problems even with this.  First, Obama has gone around the Legislature and is instituting Cap-and-Trade through the EPA.  The EPA is mandating Cap-and-Trade through regulation.


Senator Inhofe has been trying to draw attention to all of this, and to explain how badly Obama’s policies and the new EPA mandates are harming the economy:



Senator Inhofe has been trying to fight this, but Obama and Reid are doing their best to stop his efforts.


So, once again, you are forced to decide whether or not Obama is telling you the truth or lying to your face.  True to form, the President has not used language that could be considered a “confession” to the charges of wanting higher gas prices, or circumventing Congress, or attacking oil in favor of his green energy partners, but his actions make it very easy to connect the dots.  Unfortunately, if anyone tries to expose any of this, they will be treated exactly like that FOX reporter: they will be mocked, ridiculed and treated like a conspiracy theorist.  Yet I was able to put these pieces together in under an hour using the first page of several simple Internet searches.  How much tighter do you think my story would get if I showed you how Soros, Van Jones, Jeffery Immelt, SEIU, ACORN, the TIDES Foundation and a host of other people and organizations are tied to this same story?  I could, but then, if you aren’t willing to see what is right before our eyes after reading this post, none of that other stuff will change your mind…would it?



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