Rule 5: Swords and Sorcery Friday: The Art of Boris Vallejo

Not Boris, this is by Earl Norem...

One of the escapist activities of my misspent youth in rural 1960’s Mississippi was reading those great pulp sword and sorcery novels. Long before Ahhhhnold donned the animal skins and started worshiping Crom, I was reading Robert E. Howard’s Conan series. Many folks don’t know the origins of Conan but Howard wrote those stories beginning in 1932, so old Conan looks pretty good for 80.

Also not by Boris - computer art by Isra2007.

Another favorite was by a Brit author with the unfortunate moniker of Michael Moorcock. Moorcock wrote a series of stories about Elric of Melnibone, a tragic albino king and wielder of the evil runesword Stormbringer. Elric was the last emperor of Melniboné, ruler of the dreaming city and keeper of the ruby throne. The tales of Elric brought together many images of life and death, fate versus free will, generations of tradition and the destruction of that tradition, thought versus action, evil versus good , law versus chaos, and the difficulties faced when trying to reconcile and make meaning out of one’s own existence.

But that’s not the only reason…it was for the chicks. Not live ones, you understand, but the ones in the book art by artists like Frank Frazetta and Boris Vallejo.

Co-blogger Kellsbells thought that we should salute good old Boris – and not being one to argue with the fairer sex, I eagerly acquiesced.

May I present the art of Boris Vallejo:

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11 thoughts on “Rule 5: Swords and Sorcery Friday: The Art of Boris Vallejo

  1. Sincerely, thanks a lot, M.! I didn’t know all the info you just provided. His work is so amazing to me…I just stare and stare. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I can only pull off stick figures.(Yes, I’m incredibly envious of artists) My favourite of your picks was the chick about to kiss the griffon (I guess that’s what she is). Hope the pervs enjoy it as much as your commercial Rule 5, cause, no offense, but this takes talent. And as Mama Rose would say; ya either got it or ya ain’t.

    Oh, and just for the record, Michael Moorcock did not have an unfortunate moniker…

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