Thank You

To the readers of this blog, we say thank you…

If you notice our “hit counter” in the upper section of the left column, you will note that last night we crossed the 800,000 hit mark. While the blog was born in late January last year and we got off to a slow start, we have picked up momentum and if we continue growing at the rate we have we will hit 900,000 by the end of this month and the magic 1,000,000 sometime in April. As it stands today, our average daily views are almost three times that of last year’s daily average and we have had as many views in the first 2.5 months of 2012 as we had in ALL of last year.

We try to maintain a high level of quality here while not taking ourselves too seriously, I am a serial offender in the risque department with the Rule 5 posts, but I have to take a break periodically or the state of politics in the USA would drive me insane.

We hope to keep improving but if you are looking for defense of the Constitution and liberty, are curious about religion’s place in the fabric of our country – or you just are passionate about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – we hope you bookmark us and check on us often.



3 thoughts on “Thank You

    • And I just realized that I forgot to thank the fine circle of blog friends we have accumulated on the way down this path. Thanks to all…and thanks to you Mike.

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