What Can Government Give Me?

Have a look here – it is pretty good…

What can the government give me that it has not first taken away from me or someone else?

Can it give me money it has not first taxed, land it has not first bought or confiscated, or service it has not first coerced?

Shall it give me medical treatment in my old age without first taking from its own people the means and power to do so?

Shall it bring forth a child from its own sperm, egg, and womb if me or my wife are barren?

It cannot give me food without first having the land, seed, and manpower to produce it.

It cannot give me a car without first having taking its own factory, resources, and labor to manufacture it.

It cannot give me a house without first having a place to put it, materials to build it, and money to maintain it.

It cannot give me opportunity it has not first taken from someone else.

It cannot give me a job without becoming my employer.

It cannot give me a house without becoming my landlord.

It cannot give me an education without becoming my teacher.

It cannot give me money without becoming my master.

It cannot give me beliefs without becoming my god.

There is more – go have a look.

One thought on “What Can Government Give Me?

  1. Apparently, the US Government cannot give our money
    (paid in taxes) away fast enough!
    Below is a link to film by Terry J. Lovell… which states
    that the US is required to provide medicine, therapy, etc for
    ILLEGAL immigrants while awaiting deportation.
    I am quite SURE they would not do this for a US citi\zen
    who entered Mexico or Canada illegally..,. so WHY the heck
    do WE (not you and me — the crooks in DC) have an obligation
    to supply to the (illegal) immigrants awaiting deportation?

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