Utah in Print II

Many folks have asked what I do in the evil oil and gas biz other than swim in money, take milk baths with supermodels, destabilize global economies and purchase small countries. Other than those, here are a couple of examples of what I do.

From this month’s soon to be published Offshore Engineer magazine:

Umbilicals: Reducing the Risk


ROVs: Going for Growth

Yeah, I know…not quite Forbes, GQ or the front page of the Wall Street Journal but this is about as exciting as we want to get. If we show up on the front page of the aforementioned publications, it is likely that we did something very, very wrong. Since it is mostly my job to make sure we don’t do that, Offshore Engineer is just fine with me…

5 thoughts on “Utah in Print II

      • I’m shaken not stirred! I couldn’t get to the links to read of your pernicious, pertinent, and most perplexing persuasion in Perth. Now unknowing, I feel quite stirred….

        These dang links….um, okay,so,I wasn’t an A student, alright? Ya happy? Rub it in! How’s about a little help here for a change ….um….what do I do if the link is telling me that there is a pop block? I don’t understand what the hello that means. No dads allowed? No sodas allowed? I don’t know what to do. It said to push the control button but that didn’t work (and I pushed it several times). Why do I feel that if I pursue this, it could very well lead to end of the world as we know it?

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