Rule 5 Thursday: Scherri-Lee Biggs

Ahhhh, Thursday, sweet Thursday – or as it is known at my office – Friday Eve. Time for a Rule 5 after a “meh” week.

So here we go…

Hailing from Western Australia, Scherri-Lee Biggs (born in 1990) is a South African-born Australian model, beauty queen and pageant titleholder from Watermans Bay, Perth, Australia. She won the title of Miss Universe Australia, on 7 July 2011.

Scherri-Lee was at the center of a bit of controversy prior to the pageant in Sao Paulo last year for…being too sexy!

Australia’s Miss Universe 2011 candidate, Scherri-Lee Biggs gets her share of intrigue in the most-awaited beauty pageant of the year.

Miss Universe Australia 2011 Scherri-Lee Biggs pre-tapes in her national costume onstage at Credicard Hall in Sao Paulo September 7, 2011. The contestants are in Sao Paulo for the 2011 Miss Universe pageant which will be held on September 12.

The 21-year old Aussie has been one of the candidates chided for wardrobe mishaps several times during pageant rehearsals and events.

According to a report, Biggs has been told that her evening gown made of satin is “offensively see through.” Her bikini was also described as “way too sexy.”

She has also been ordered to cover up by making her bikini bottoms wider. The pageant organizers wanted to make sure that her skimpy outfit still manages to cover what should necessarily be kept from plain sight as she sashays her way before millions of viewers.

I’m not sure that there is a concept called “offensively see through” when one is referring to the luscious Miss Biggs. You can decide for yourself.

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