Rutherford B. Hayes…

…the “B” stands for Badass.

Ole Rutherford has undergone a bit of a hipness rehabilitation after Obama’s incorrect quotes about him. There are some pretty funny Hayes memes here.

6 thoughts on “Rutherford B. Hayes…

  1. Those are funny! What were the incorrect quotes by Obama?

    Now you’ve got me thinking on Girl Scouts when we had to be president’s wives. I had to be Garfield’s wife. Nobody knows that Garfield was a president; they all think he is a cartoon cat. Talk about luck of the draw….

    • You know what’s sad? Not one of those kids will probably take the time to investigate that. They’ll just quote the president’s remark as fact. He really gets away with a lot because nobody stands up to debunk him. (except conservative media outlets, which seem to be anathemas to the progressives).

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