rdbrewer at AOSHQ Nails It…

Same theme as my posts but more brutally to the point…please read it all.

Bravo and well done!

Recall the Dunning-Kruger effect. In short, a person’s incompetence inhibits their ability to recognize his or her incompetence. The people who think they are the smartest are the dumbest, essentially, because they are blind to their stupidity. The people who think they know better know the least. And isn’t it interesting that they are almost always the first to hurl the insult “you’re stupid”?

Anyway, I was reading about the police busting OWS people and closing Zuccotti Park today, and it occurred to me that there is a variation on the Dunning-Kruger effect that has to do with other forms of self-awareness. Several examples:

  • Doesn’t it follow that the people who think they’re the most egalitarian become the most sexist, biased, and/or prejudiced? Because of the fact they admire that quality in themselves, egalitarianism, they are blind to the reality that they are not. These are the people who say “flyover states” and “rednecks.” These are the people who come down on Limbaugh for a single use of “slut” while thinking someone else’s use of much worse language is okay.
  • Doesn’t it follow that the people who regard themselves as the most open-minded are in fact the most close minded? Their errant self-view causes them to be blind to how close-minded they are. Progressives in many institutions like academia, for example, talk endlessly about diversity while at the same time denying, marginalizing, and shutting-up voices on the right. Conservative professors don’t get tenure. Conservative voices on campus are shouted down and silenced by left wing perma-children. A more specific example: Andrew Breitbart was often called a fag by the most wonderful people in the world.
  • Doesn’t it follow that the people who think they’re making the world a nicer place are the ones who are making it worse? They have a blind spot for their own bad behavior. A specific example: Al Gore and energy usage. Gore wants to make the world a better place by decreasing reliance on fossil fuels. (Assume for a moment he actually believes his bullshit. I don’t think he does.) While having a bigger carbon footprint than anyone else on the planet, with the exception of the president… who at least has an excuse.
  • Doesn’t it follow that the people who think they are the best suited to lead others would often be the least suitable/capable to do so? Here’s a quick example: One of the creepiest people I ever knew sought out positions of authority on ethical panels. He had to be one the least ethical, least well-suited people to serve in such a position, but he thought he was fantastic, and very well-suited to judge the behavior of others. A friend quipped, to paraphrase, “The type of people who seek out positions of authority like this are usually the people you would least want to serve in those positions.” We agreed it’s almost as if we should automatically eliminate anyone who volunteers for a such a position and recruit from those who do not.
  • Doesn’t it follow that the people who think they’re the most wonderful/moral are in fact the most horrible/flawed? Their self-regard blinds them to their bad behavior. Tea Party people, for example, left the National Mall cleaner than when they found it. OWS people shit on the ground. Union protesters in Wisconsin and people at the Rally to Restore Sanity left a huge mess for others to clean up.
  • Doesn’t it follow that the people who are the most selfish would believe themselves to be the most selfless? They want people to give more, to pay more taxes… so they themselves can have a bigger slice of the pie. Their self-view disables their ability to reality-testing ability. Related, doesn’t it follow that the people most interested in redistribution of wealth give the least? I recall reading an article about ten years ago that surveyed charity giving on a state-by-state per capita basis. Or maybe it was as a percentage of income. Anyway, the “flyover states” were the most giving. The least? Massachusetts. Followed by the usual suspects. Also, ever hear of a progressive avoiding a tax dodge?
  • A more specific example: I’ve read several times that Michael Moore is one of the most painfully greedy people in the entertainment industry. Now, from his words and actions–well, at least from the image he tries to project–one would think he would be easy to work with. After all, he seems to believe he’s all about justice and fairness. And doing right. But the reality is he’s one of the most annoyingly greedy assholes imaginable.

Because of the built-in assumption that everything about the self is fine and dandy, time spent fixing flaws naturally has to do with others. And flaws must be fixed. “I’m fine. That’s understood. So lets take a look at the actions of others.” They don’t look at themselves objectively. They don’t question their own motivations and actions. They take it as a given they are exemplars of only the finest qualities.

Remember, there is more at Ace of Spades HQ.

2 thoughts on “rdbrewer at AOSHQ Nails It…

  1. You’ve reminded me of the book The Tao of Pooh. Have you read it? It’s a very entertaining introduction to Taoism…..

    Enough of that! You have been a potty mouth today and you know full well what it’s time for. I will, however, be generous and let you choose the soap that you desire. I could give you hints as to the best and worst tasting, but that would require that I relinquish the pleasure I receive from your own, I mean, your OWN decision.

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