The Important Things

The Senate Democrats can’t find time to pass a budget but thank goodness they have time to deal with the major crisis facing the country today…bounties for hits in the NFL:

Sen. Dick Durbin is setting up a Judiciary Committee hearing about bounties in professional football and other major sports in the wake of news that New Orleans Saints players received extra cash for hits that hurt particular opponents.

The assistant Senate majority leader, an Illinois Democrat, said Thursday he wants to examine whether federal law should make such bounty systems a crime.

“Let’s be real basic about it here. If this activity were taking place off of a sporting field, away from a court, nobody would have a second thought [about whether it’s wrong]. ‘You mean, someone paid you to go out and hurt someone?’ ” Durbin said in a telephone interview before raising the issue on the floor of the Senate.

“It goes way beyond the rules of any sporting contest, at least team contest, to intentionally inflict harm on another person for a financial reward,” he said.

His announcement came a day after the NFL took a harsh stand on bounties, suspending Saints coach Sean Payton for all of next season, and indefinitely banning New Orleans’ former defensive coordinator, Gregg Williams. Saints general manager Mickey Loomis was barred for half of 2012, assistant head coach Joe Vitt got a six-game ban, and the team also was docked two second-round draft picks (one in 2012 and another in ’13) and $500,000.

Son. Of. A. Bitch. Freaking idiots. Dick Durbin has proven over and over to be the biggest tool in the Senate. This is like the Roger Clemens thing that is still going on.

The country is in the best of hands…

3 thoughts on “The Important Things

  1. As a Saints fan, I am deeply disappointed. This has got to be against laws already on the books, I see no reason for Congress to get involved, except as a distraction from the fact that nothing else is getting done.

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