FBI Teaches Agents: OK to “Bend” the Law

Government Teaching Law Enforcement to Break the Law

When did it become acceptable for the government of a free and self-governing people to teach its law enforcement officers that they have the authority to “bend” or even “suspend” the laws they were hired and swore to uphold and defend?
Read the FBI Memo: Agents Can ‘Suspend the Law’

FBI Training Doc Said Agents Could ‘Bend or Suspend the Law and Impinge Upon the Freedom of Others’

Do you remember the Declaration of Independence? It says we are all created equal, with equal rights. This means that the people who we hire to manage our government and enforce our laws are not and cannot be better or above the lowest of us. Just because they carry a badge and a gun, it does not give them the authority to break the law. If the law is to mean anything, it must apply equally to all of us – especially those who enforce it. Because, if it doesn’t, then there is no rule of law, only the rule of those who carry that badge and gun and that places those people in a state of war with every freeman in this nation.

We no longer teach the principles of liberty in this nation. If we did, we would understand that the Social Contract tells us government is formed by each of us giving part of our personal authority to it to do for us those things we would otherwise have e right to do, but which might be too difficult to do by ourselves. This includes things like organizing fire and police departments. But the key is this: we can only give that authority we have a Natural Right to claim, and because we are all created equal, none of us has any more authority than any other. That means no one in the government – not even the government itself – can claim to be greater than or above the lowest member of society. The moment it any government does so, it declares war on the people who formed it and the government ceases to be legitimate. Likewise, the moment any government agent declares themselves above or greater than the lowest citizen, he/she ceases to be a legitimate agent of the People’s service.

But we don’t teach this anymore. Instead, we do our dead level best to commit national suicide by trying to convert as many people as possible to the ideology of Revolutionary France where the solution to whomever was deemed to be a “threat to the cause” on any given day was to chop off their heads – even those of children. What’s more, we glorify this notion in our pop culture. Do you bother to pay attention when you see it, or do you just ignore it when your favorite characters on shows like NCIS, CSI and Law & Order “bend” the law and violate the constitution in the name of “justice?” How does one defend justice by breaking the law, or is it OK if the people doing it are “cool?”

If we are to remain a free and self-governing people, this sort of stuff has to start mattering to us because, if we don’t care enough to push back against such blatant breaches of public trust, how can we know we’ll care enough when those “bends” in the law are government agents putting people in cattle cars?

3 thoughts on “FBI Teaches Agents: OK to “Bend” the Law

  1. This doesn’t surpise me, but it isn’t new, either. Government has always made their own rules. They haven’t always been as obvious about it, probably, but they’ve always done it. Law enforcement at all levels have done it for years and years. Throw away guns, planting evidence, targeting people they didn’t like and trumping up charges, the “blue wall”. People have never really had any success on a large scale at pushing back, or they haven’t cared enough to try hard enough. I don’t know which. It’s hard to get people organized against stuff like this on a large scale. Write my congressperson? Sure they really care! Maybe nobody knows how to fight city hall, much less the US police agency. Sad. I know I’m at a loss and I’ve been disgusted about it for a long time.

  2. It looks to me as if the FBI is straightening out their act, acknowledging that this is wrong….


    The FBI’s counterterrorism training review was prompted by a Danger Room series revealing the Bureau taught agents that “mainstream” Muslims were “violent“; that Islam made its followers want to commit “genocide“; and that an FBI intelligence analyst compared Islam to the Death Star from Star Wars. The review led the bureau to remove hundreds of pages of documents from its training course.

    On Friday, the FBI announced the results of its internal review. After six months of internal inquiry, it released a statement instructing that “training would conform to constitutional principles” and “emphasize the protection of civil rights and civil liberties.” Written materials “must be reviewed carefully by supervisory-level personnel possessing an appropriate level of understanding of relevant topics.”

    • Sorry, G, but I do not accept the govt.’s word when the govt. tells me it cleaned up its own act – especially over something like this. This and other stories show that we have a fundamental flaw in the thinking of the people running our law enforcement agencies. That sort of thing does NOT change without a serious event in someone’s life, and there hasn’t been such an event for anyone in our govt. since Nixon (Clinton’s impeachment was a joke).

      No, the cynic in me says the most likely thing that happened here is they swept this under the rug, told the leadership to do a better job of hiding this stuff (more code words and winks all around) and then they leaned on the media to shut up or else.

      I do not trust our govt. anymore, G – because it no longer deserves my trust. In fact, it deserves the same scorn and contempt from which this nation was born. When was the last time you read the list of grievances in the Declaration of Independence WHILE LOOKING FOR MODERN PARALLELS? LOL, try it sometime and see what you think 😉

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