The Trouble with Unions: Part II

The Trouble with Unions: Part II

The Tyranny of Government-Union Cooperation


This is Part II of a two part post dealing with the problems associated with uncontrolled unionization. In this post, I will address the perils that result from government collusion with powerful unions. This post relies heavily on You Tube clips, but this is the part of the issue our “Main Stream Media” will seldom tell. This is the part of this post that you really need to wade through. And, though it will take a good part of your time, if you have not already seen these video clips, you really need to consider watching them all the way through as they have been chosen carefully and for a good reason.

I start with this clip, which tells how unions are essentially committing terrorism:

An additional story of union violence (incidentally, last time I checked on the legal status, even though this was all caught on tape, nothing consequential happened to any of the attackers in this story, and, if it matters to anyone, the victim was a black man):



The planning and organization of the Occupy Wall Street movement has been connected to a man named Steven Lerner (at one point, directly connected to SEIU – and possibly still is). It has also been established that many unions are aiding the OWS movement. This is one clip about these connections:



Now, if Lerner and the unions are working on conjunction to support a movement whose aim is to destroy the free market – their employers – how is that supporting the best interests of the individual workers? And how is this collective bargaining between the workers and their employer when they are attacking all businesses in our society? Or is this actually evidence that unions are pushing themselves up to a point where they are no longer unions and become what is essentially a “People’s Movement” in the sense of Marxism?


Now, what about the connections between the President and the unions?




Or the access that Andy Stern (reported head of SEIU) assumes he has to the White House:



Or union boss Trumpka bragging about his daily access to the White House, and how he is working with the Obama Administration to ignore labor law to strengthen union power:



But now, as though this were not bad enough, these same unions are working to globalize their reach and power. And they are openly saying that, not only do the workers of the world have to unite, if people will not be persuaded to join them, they will be forced to join them:



And this move to push unions globally is connected to the people working with OWS (remember Steven Lerner?):



Now, if you are part of SEIU and your leaders are trying to add service employees from other nations to your union, how do you expect those leaders to represent you, a $20+/hr employee at the same time he/she is representing a $3-5/hr employee in another nation?  Don’t you see the conflict of interest here?  Say you work for a company that is thinking of moving to that other country.  Now how does Andy Stern get you a “good deal” when he is also trying to get a “good deal” for the people in the other nation at the same time?  And why would your employer stay in American and keep paying you $20+/hr when your union leaders will make an equal deal with your employer for $5/hr labor in that other nation?  Why should your union leader care who your employer keeps, you or the people in the other country?  Your union leader still keeps his/her job either way.  If I were your employer, I would move to that other nation and tell you to thank your union leader.  This is exactly what is happening today, and one of the major reasons jobs are leaving the United States.  But this is actually part of a much bigger issue and the subject for a separate post.


If you follow my posts, you will know I have been trying to convince you that we are dealing with a mindset, not necessarily a political Party or even an ideology. However, as you work through the two parts of this story and you see the push to globalize the labor movement, I’d like you to remember Marx and his “Communist manifesto.” If you do not see Marx’s ideas being placed into action in these clips, then I do not know how to convince you that this is what is happening. I only pray I am making my case with you. And now, I leave you with the words of Vladimir Lenin as he parrots the goal of George Soros and the OSI:


“The aim of socialism is not only to abolish the present division of mankind into small states and all-national isolation, not only to bring the nations closer to each other, but also to merge them.”



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