About the Way Some People Deal with Opposition

I will continue to say this until every RNL reader understands it: I no longer see American politics as Left/Right or Democrat/Republican as much as I see them being the result of a world view. I have tried to explain the two main schools of seeing this world in a previous post about Thomas Sowell’s concepts of “constrained” and “unconstrained” views of human nature (read “Constrained” as understanding there is a fixed human nature that cannot be changed and which sets limits on what we can and should do as a result and “Unconstrained” as the belief that Man’s nature can be purposely changed and that there are no limits or restraints in the pursuit of their goals to perfect that nature). Now, Sowell seems to connect the unconstrained world view to the political Left and the constrained view to the political right, but I do not believe this is a necessary correlation. I believe we can find people with these two different world views in all Parties and on all sides of the political spectrum. But what I would like for you to understand from all of this is that the people who hold an unconstrained view of the world are the primary threat to Man’s individual rights and liberties, and we can see their work in nearly everything happening in our society today.


A prime example of how the unconstrained mentality works can be found in the recent flap over Rush Limbaugh’s comments about Sandra Fluke. When Limbaugh called Fluke a slut and a prostitute, people with an unconstrained view of the world immediately saw his comments as yet another chance to attack him and try to silence his voice. Now, this attack was largely unsuccessful, mostly because those with this unconstrained view of human nature do not understand how the majority of us think – or why:


Limbaugh sees heat over comments turn down to a simmer


But this is another example of a more basic issue being camouflaged by the emotion of the specifics. In this case, the specifics are the issue of contraception, health care and distaste for Rush Limbaugh and – more directly – opposing views to those who believe they hold power over shaping our opinions. That is where we see the danger of people with an unconstrained view of human nature.


Stop to think about it: if the people who tried to shut Limbaugh down and punish his advertisers cared about free speech, why attack someone for exercising his right, or the people who support him? By all means, offer your own arguments and do whatever you can that is peaceful and legal to persuade people that Limbaugh is wrong and they shouldn’t listen to him, but is that what they do? No, they try to censor him in every way they can. Limbaugh’s opponents have tried to use the power of government to remove him from the airwaves, and now they are using what amounts to economic terrorism to attack the job producers in an already faltering economy. And for what? To silence opposition, that’s why? And it is not just Limbaugh; there are people with an unconstrained world view in our government who think that people should actually have their property taken away by the government and given to other people – in most cases, based on the color of their skin and political ideology – so that society will be forced to hear their opinions. Listen to Mark Llyod, our national “Diversity” Czar:




This is the danger of those who hold an unconstrained view of this world. They believe their ideas and goals are righteous, and that they have a greater understanding and insight into what is best for all of mankind and the planet, and that this gives them a moral mandate to make sure their dreams are made into reality. But because they see no restrains on what they do, they have no problem with using whatever means they feel are necessary to make that happen. They truly believe “the ends justify the means,” and – if you look – you will find them saying this in many different ways. In this case, rather than disagreeing with what Limbaugh says but defending his right to say it to the death, people are trying to silence him and destroy anyone who supports him. Now ask yourself, if they would destroy so many people in an economy like this just to silence their opposition, what else would they do to get their way? What wouldn’t they do?

3 thoughts on “About the Way Some People Deal with Opposition

  1. I wish you would’ve posted the transcripts from these clips. No offense to the fella, but I can only pck up on certain words that he’s saying. He is a bit of a marble mouth and could use some elocution lessons. Can you translate what the hello he just said? I’m listening with the volume on high. Maybe my hearing is going….I’m finding the cadence of his speech makes this dip and I lose the word……Is this just me???

    • In short:

      1st video: the revolution in Venezuela was wonderful, but it failed the first time around and only succeeded the second time because the hero – Chavez – realized he had to control the media before he could take over — and did.

      2nd video: Too many of the same people (presumably white folk and rich and/or conservatives) have had control of the media for too long and – in the interest of “diversity and fairness” – some of them are going to have to give up their businesses so others (presumably non-white and liberal) can “have their chance.” What’s more, if these people will not willingly give up their power and businesses, then the government will have to force them to do so.

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