According to the 180 Degree Rule: Obama Mad

Have you seen this yet?

President Obama Thinks Republicans Are Showing ‘Madness’

Apparently the President said:

“It was tried in the decades before the Great Depression. It didn’t work then. It was tried in the last decade. It didn’t work,” he said. “You know, the idea you would keep on doing the same thing over and over again, even though it’s been proven not to work. That’s a sign of madness.”

There’s just one problem with these claims: they are true about him and his leftist ideas and not about those of the free market.  This is the 180 degree rule in practice and it is proving to be nearly 100% accurate yet again.

Economists have pretty much debunked this myth that FDR and his economic policies “saved” America.  When compared to the rest of the world – which was out of the depression inside 2 years – ours was “great” because of those policies.  In other words, FDR and his leftist economics – the same ideas Obama pushes today – were the reason our depression was as bad and lasted as long as it did.

As for the policies before the depression causing it: another myth.  The policies Obama decries are the very reason the 20s were known as “the roaring 20s,” and why – by the time they were over – most Americans had electricity, phones and refrigerators.

In fact, that this is true has been demonstrated by Obama himself.  Just look at what he did when push came to shove on the Bush tax cuts.  He extended them.  Yet, in the story above, he is saying these same Bush tax cuts were the cause of our current trouble – the same policy he adopted to keep the economy from totally falling apart.  And now, as Obama forces us to follow the policies of FDR, we are stuck in an economic quagmire.

No matter what you may think of Obama, you should not accept these lies.  It is known that the economic policies of the left do not work.  History is filled with the wrecks of socialist and command economies and of shinning examples of prosperous free markets.  The evidence is no clearer than in Greece and the rest of those socialist nations in Europe joining the “we need a bailout” list every day now.  The truth is, it is not the supporters of free market economics who are mad, it is all those who keep trying to make socialism work who are mad.  Mr. Obama, that means you!

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