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I have a great interest in politics and was given the impetus to start writing about my beliefs by my friend and mentor, Utah, whom I affectionately refer to as Mississippi. (It is the 57th state, after all) M. gave me a voice on this site, (and also set up the account for me because I couldn’t figure out what the hello I was doing) so for everything he has given me, I am eternally grateful. (Sadly, he’s holdin out on postin his nudie pics) Yeah, no Utah Rule 5……..yet…………….. hope springs eternal……

Lately, I’ve noticed that I’ve slipped away from politics, and I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I do love to debate, so long as everyone plays nice. Today I thought I would jump back to my roots, and let anyone jump into the fray…..

I’m a Conservative, so I know I’ll be outnumbered here (by here, I mean there…… another site), but, hey; nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

I will say this: I don’t believe there is a black and white only, for I understand and believe there is a gray. (I’m sure you have no idea what the hello I just said as I damn sure don’t).

Let’s play, shall we?

Here is the argument I’ve been having with B3A: Is the media bias or are they trying to make money?

While I’m finding the comments at the other site I post at to be quite interesting, I’m quite sure B. would have a mental breakdown…..

11 thoughts on “Politically Speaking

  1. Well, OK, I’ll start. From what I understand from the people I know who are actually inside the business, most TV News divisions operate at a loss – and have for a while. But when asked, most of their “leaders” will tell you that “news” is not abou tmaking money (they seem to think it is too serious and important an issue to worry about such things as earning their keep).

    IF this is true – and I have every reason to believe that it is – you’ve got a deep whole to climb out of before you can even begin to make your case. Want my shovel? 😉

    • I’ll borrow dougindeep’s to knock some sense into you. If they are not selling news, they are not being paid. If a title is sensationalised, it is for the sole pupose of making money. Example: “Pensacola Couple Murdered.” or “Millionaire and Spouse Murdered by Ninjas.” That’s kinda lame, which is why I’m not a journalist, but do you see my point?

      • Not true. There is an entire entertainment division behind them to pay for their operation.

        Don’t you understand the concept of a loss leader?

        But then, here’s another thought. Glenn Beck was the most successful show in his time slot in the history of cable news – yet they tried to tell him what he could and couldn’t do even after he told them he would leave if they did so. They lost money over that move, yet FOX still made it.

        That is another strike against your argument, and this one from FOX, the leader in cable news. (btw: they did the same to the Judge on FOX Business – make that two more strikes 😉 )

  2. No, I do not understand the concept of a loss leader. I believe Fox is regretting the loss of your man crush as much as CNN is regretting the loss of Juan Williams.

    So I take it the entertainment division goes out back and pulls money from its dollar tree? There is no logic to what the hello you are saying.

  3. “Is the media bias or are they trying to make money?”

    I say biased because if it was for the money they would be playing the other side of the coin since I am told that there are actually nore people in America that lean “right” than “left”.
    I think it is all following a planned attack, just like the education field is leftist to support their agenda.
    Just like everything else in life, this is NOT 100%, but there is definitely a overwhelming leftist bias in the media.

      • Yes, more righties than lefties. Conservatives run about 35-40% in this nation while liberals are around 20-25%. These are rough figures as the exact number varies a bit, but this is also based on polls that allow people to identify themselves (read the links in my post about conservatives not being as smart as liberals).

          • https://therionorteline.com/2012/03/30/a-cabal-of-diabolical-furbies/

            That you are too lazy to scroll down a couple pages doesn’t give me much hope you’ll bother to find the information, Kells. In fact, you should reflect on what it means that you need everything spoon fed to you or you won’t bother. If nothing means enough for you to bother yourself to dig for it, why are you even here on the RNL?

            Not an insult, a serious and honest question that not only has merit, it is worth your consideration. Rather than getting ticked at me again and going off, think about it this time – for a change.

  4. I’ll concede that I am lazy with regard to certain things. (scrolling, e.g.) Fortunately, there are other things for which I seem to have quite the energy and passion.

    Since I seem to intimidate you, I shall be nice and agree with everything that comes out of your pretty little mouth……NOT!

    Just out of curiousity, when did the site become restrictive of my 1st amendment right?

    Also, I thought that your article was something to do with Star Trek. I then realised I was thinking on Tribbles and not Furbies. So here is my apology:

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