The Peril of Squirrels

The Peril of Squirrels

The Scene: It is late afternoon and Twig has just finished harvesting his latest pineapple crop and has stacked them in the shade of a palm tree next to his hut so he can get a place ready to store them inside. Having worked all day in his own pineapple field, Stick approaches their small camp with his hoe in his hand.

Stick: (Smiling) “Got your harvest done already?”

Twig: (Happy and relaxed) “Yes. It will be at least another two to three weeks before the next batch is ready, but if I’m careful, this harvest should last me at least four.”

Stick: “Good, but remember what I told you about being careful. Keep a close watch so nothing will happen to your food.”

Twig: (Slightly annoyed, but still in a good mood) “Yeah, yeah. I know what you told me. You’re always talking about being on guard and watching for threats, but I’m not worried, Stick. It’s just you and me on this island and we’re friends. It’s OK, there’s no reason to be worried. Nothing’s going to happen.”

Stick: (Sitting down close to Twig’s pile of pineapples and motioning for Twig to sit too) “Have I ever warned you about squirrels, Twig?”

Twig: (Suddenly confused, but sitting down) “Huh? Now what are you talking about?”

Stick: (Setting his hoe down quickly and deliberately to draw Twig’s attention away from his pineapples) “You know, squirrels. Did you ever see that Pixar movie with the old man and Boy Scout who take a trip in the old man’s house by using a bunch of balloons to fly? I think it was called Up?”

Twig: (Chuckling) “Man, you are always talking about stuff that makes no sense. What does a movie have to do with squirrels?”

Stick: (Taking his bucket strap from around his strap and handing it to Twig) “Can you put that next to my hoe for me, please? In the movie, the bad guy has a bunch of attack dogs. Every time the attack dogs get close to getting the good guys, they point and yell SQUIRREL!” (suddenly pointing to the sky, away from Twig’s pineapple pile).

Twig: (Looking back at Stick) “OK…?”

Stick: “Well, the point is, it distracted the attack dogs long enough for the good guys to get away.”

Twig: (Starting to get ready to stand up) “Yeah, well, that was a nice story, but there aren’t any bad guys or attack dogs on the island so…”

Stick: (Motioning to his hoe and bucket with one hand) “Will you hand me my bucket and hoe, please?”

Twig: (Hands the hoe and bucket to Stick) “Here you go. Hey!”

Stick: (Acting innocent) “What?”

Twig: (Jumps up angrily) “Where’d my pineapples go?”

Stick: (Smiling) “What pineapples?”

Twig: “You know darn well what pineapples. My pineapples!” (points to the pile of pineapples behind Stick) “Those pineapples!”

Stick: (Looking behind himself, still acting innocent and confused) “Those pineapples? Those are my pineapples, Twig. See, I have them. That makes them mine.”

Twig: “No they’re not. They’re mine and you know it. Give them back – now!”

Stick: (Suddenly stern) “You want them back?”

Twig: (Standing straight and crossing his arms) “Yes.”

Stick: “OK, but if you want any of them back, you have to do what I say.”

Twig: (Indignant, moves to get his pineapples)

Stick: (Raises his hoe and blocks Twig’s path)

Twig: (Shocked and confused) “I thought we were friends. Why are you doing this?”

Stick: (Puts hoe head on ground and rests his chin on the top of the handle) “You see, you were so convinced we were friends and so focused on squirrels…” (Stick sweeps his hand toward the sky to distract twig’s eyes again) “See how easy it was? Every time I distracted you with this hand, I took a pineapple with my other one. You were so relaxed and sure that there was no danger; you let me take your food, which gave me control over your life which also gave me control over your freedom. And it was all way too easy. You almost handed your pineapples to me, Twig – because you “knew” we were friends.”

Twig: (With an uncertain sigh) “OK, I get it now. Sorry.”

Stick: (Smiling and handing the pineapples back) “Hey, it’s OK. I just wanted to teach you that the price of being free is constant vigilance. It’s OK to want to feel secure, Twig. We all want to live without being afraid all the time, but you have to have enough sense to keep one eye open – just in case. The truth is, there will always be people who will want to take what you have, make you do what they want – or both.”

Twig: (Smiling now, and putting his pineapples inside his hut) “Well, you sure gave me a good scare. I think I’ll remember this lesson as long as I live. I just wish I hadn’t forced you to feel you had to make your point so forcefully.” (Smiles and chuckles at Stick).

Stick: (With a note of caution in his voice) “Just be careful to keep a watch out for squirrels from now on, OK?”

Twig: (Seriously) “Don’t worry, that won’t be a problem from now on.”


5 thoughts on “The Peril of Squirrels

  1. :::giggling::: I’ve never seen this show, but that’s exactly what I yell to distract my dogs.

    Just out of curiousity, are these two stranded on an island or did they choose to move to this island? I promise I’m going to buy this book. Just the other day, I pulled up the order form at Amazon and went to get my purse. Unfortunately, I then received a phone call telling me to check my e-mail. (I tell people to call me when they e-mail me because I’m bad about checking it) So the caller told me that she had e-mailed me and I needed to check my e-mail. I don’t understand why people can’t just tell me something over the phone. Maybe I don’t have a very pleasant speaking voice…. Hmmm….perhaps if I used my British accent, people would then be more inclinded to talk on the phone? Where was I? Oh, when I checked my e-mail, it said I must respond, so it took a lot of thought and time to compose a letter (also, I’m a very slow typist). At that point, I was starving and decided to make a BLT. I didn’t have bacon, so I decided to go to the Sonic. For some profound reason, I couldn’t find my keys or the clicker thingy to find my keys. I could go on, but I would bore you of my day-to-day life. The video I posted is me. I think I need to drop some weight, but when I use my British accent, people seem to overlook that sort of thing……

    What was I talking about? Oh, yes! I promise I’m going to buy this book. I really have enjoyed the snippets you’ve shared.

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