Is Obama a Racist…or Just a Weakling?

These are questions that are gaining greater validity as the timeline inches slowly away from the racial flash point of the Trayvon Martin shooting last month and picks up speed toward the 2012 presidential election.

There can be no doubt that the Martin shooting is a tragedy for his family and their community. No matter what Martin’s history was up to this point, every teenager presents an opportunity for a positive future so this is, in fact, a true tragedy.

But this situation is metastasizing into something far more sinister and of national import. The race charlatans are out and about. They are using a shooting that was and is being packaged and marketed as a right-wing, conservative talk radio inspired race murder to stoke racial hatred and are even openly calling for violence.

We seem to be teetering on the edge of a full-fledged race war, one not sought by the majority of non-blacks in America but fostered by a minority of radical blacks who seem to believe that there must be violence to assuage their feelings of subjugation by the “white” culture…and yet our president does nothing to calm the situation. As is common to all elected officials, what they don’t do or say often speaks louder than what they do. The Trayvon Martin killing is a case in point.

As to the pre-packaged meme that the media and the Democrats pushed, the information contained in the Sanford, Florida police report and the evidence that has made it into the public sphere contradicts that.

Starting at the beginning, Martin was put forth as just your average teenager, his ONLY crime was being black. The initial photo that was published of Trayvon was an image of  a cherub faced middle-schooler that any mother would be proud of – but since then more photos have surfaced that seem to contradict that initial image. It seems that he has been suspended three times from school and currently was on suspension for suspected drug possession and the possession of allegedly stolen jewelry and a “burglary tool” (a somewhat larger screwdriver than you would need at school). Of course, all of this purely circumstantial to the events that lead to his death but it does seem to be evidence that he was following an unfortunately typical path of many black inner city kids – falling into a “gansta” sub-culture that is glorified in rap music and for any black kid who isn’t Kanye West or Jay-Z, consists of drugs and crime.

Just the opposite occurred with George Zimmerman. Zimmerman was immediately assumed to be the aggressor, just another racist Tea Partier, fueled by John Boehner and the House Republicans, the traditionalists on the Supreme Court, Rush Limbaugh and all conservative rhetoric. He was immediately tagged by the media as a “white Hispanic” in order to establish the racial angle and the black/white dynamic. I have to ask – what the Hell is a “white Hispanic”? Using this nomenclature, wouldn’t it be appropriate to refer to Obama as a “white African-American”?

Examining the terminology like this clearly the only reason that it was stated this way was to sensationalize the crime.

While Zimmerman seems to be less than a sympathetic character in this incident, based on what we now know, Zimmerman seems to be a police fanboy, a cop wanna-be, immature and insecure with clear self-esteem and authority issues but that hardly defines him as some goose stepping, jackbooted storm trooper. Quite the opposite, he is an inner city dwelling Hispanic and apparently a registered Democrat with black relatives and close friends – not really a profile of someone expected to be in the Rush Limbaugh demographic.

We now have black racists and their white apologists out for “white Hispanic” blood.

Where is Obama as these racist hate merchants pump the bellows below the forge of hate?

Initially, he followed his usual narcissistic pattern of trying to make it about him by saying:

“You know, if I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.”

Now, his silence is deafening.

Just this past week:

And let us not forget that Al Sharpton calls for “escalation”, he already has blood on his hands. We need to remember the Tawana Brawley situation, his incitement of the Crown Heights riot that ended in the murder of a Jewish man, Yankel Rosenbaum, and the burning of Freddie’s Fashion Mart in New York, where 8 more people were killed. How someone like this can be seen as a credible spokesman for the black community simply defies logic.

Did Obama say that these people looked like his son would look if he had one?


Then we have the comments from his administration and his party:

Obama’s selective outrage is instructive.

When we question if the president is simply weak, all we need to do is to look at his supporters and how they have been treated by him and his administration. Remember:

Now we have the “Trayvon could be my son moment.”

It is also important to remember that the very same radical factions of black America and their fellow travelers of Caucasian Americans afflicted by debilitating “white guilt” were the motivating force behind his meteoric rise to national prominence and eventual ascension to the presidency.

Jeremiah Wright and liberation theology. Louis Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam and black separatists. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the Congressional Black Caucus and the members of the perpetual aggrieved segments of black society, the aspirants to the “whitey had his, now it is time to get ours now that we have a black man in the White House” belief. Bobby Rush, Cornel West, Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn and the New Black Panthers.

These are the factions that Obama really fears…not the American electorate.

Perhaps the real answer to the questions is “both”. Obama’s actions (and inaction) could certainly be interpreted as favoring blacks over whites and therefore racist.  There is also the fact that his community activist/organizer background is showing through. The very function of a “community organizer” is to gather the crowds and incite them into some sort of action while you lead from the rear and watch. You maintain enough distance for a degree of Nixonian “plausible deniability” in the event things go bad and close enough to take credit if they don’t. This is what weak people do – they circle around the periphery of the fight until one side wins and while the winner is still weak from the battle, they swoop in and deliver the killing blow, taking credit for winning the battle.

At his core, Obama is no different from the race baiting Al Sharpton. He is just smarter, slimmer, better dressed version supported by a higher class and better funded mob.

Smitty has related racy stuff.

Note: Filed from Lausanne, Switzerland. I’m not un-retiring – remember that I said “semi-retirement”. This was just too important to leave alone. – Utah

17 thoughts on “Is Obama a Racist…or Just a Weakling?

  1. I think this president knows exactly what he’s doing. I predict that there will be more diversions, or subversions, if you will, to sway the public sentiment of him into a positive light. I get it. People forget things (gas prices, food prices, unemployment percentages, &c.) when they are distracted………

    So where’s the Utah Rule 5? I’m speaking for B., of course, because he doesn’t want to admit to his man crush.

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  3. Given the people Obama has spent his life around – people he says he deliberately chose to associate with – and the comments he has made since the start of the 2008 campaign (“typical white person,” “police acted stupidly”, etc), I’d say the man has about as tough a job proving he is NOT racist as Kells has trying to convince us that the MSM is NOT biased.

    Both may be possible, but I’m not sure an honest, reasoned person is ever going to accept either one as true – especially in light os all the evidence to the contrary.

      • You are somewhat correct, Kells……….but Fox leans far closer to the middle than the LSM does. Fox will at least report on things that don’t make the right side look good………..the LSM almost never does so.

      • MSM targets libs?

        Thanks for admitting I am right about the media being biased and NOT doing it for money (remember, FOX has better ratings – equals more money – and there are almost 2 times as many conservatives than libs – again, that means more money).

        That was easy 😀

        • No. Thank you! You have just proven my, I mean, MY point. Were I to target bacon to vegetarians, how the hello would I profit from it? It would be the equivalent of M. trying to push his wares on some friggin solar company.

          • Kells,

            If 40% of the world were vegans and 35% were vegetarians and you still insisted on trying to sell them meat, at what point would that 75% of the world be justified in assuming you had an agenda other than making a profit?

            This is why I haven’t made your point, you have made mine. Only 20-25% of the country claims to be liberal, yet the majority of the MSM claims FOX News is “right wing” or “Ultra conservative.” Setting the admission of their own bias aside (given those figures, to assume FOX is in the “extreme” is to admit bias), wouldn’t a “news” organization trying to make money cater to the most people possible? yet the media keeps with its liberal tilt in spite of the numbers.

            Every way you slice this issue, you do not have the data to support your claim.

  4. If what you say is true, and the majority of the people are conservative, then why the hello do we now have the most liberal democratic president ever? Please don’t feed me this white guilt B.S. because I’m not buyin it. And I’m not listening to my husband telling me that it was the media blaming Bush and telling everyone how great the big O. was. The fact of the matter is that the conservative party, especially were it in the majority, would have voted their party. I did. And I wasn’t exactly jumpin up and down about McCain, but I dug Palin.

    • If what you say is true, and the majority of the people are conservative, then why the hello do we now have the most liberal democratic president ever?

      Simple: MEDIA BIAS! — Your husband is correct. They made Bush out to be worse than he was and the economy worse than it was and they protected Obama by not reporting on this man’s KNOWN history or personal beliefs.

      Thanks for putting another mark in the “B3A is right about the media” column for me 😉

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