More Proof of “Official” Obama/Govt. Racial Bias

Holder Lets Black Panthers Skate… Again


Adams argues that the Justice Department needs to focus on them because “You cannot solicit kidnapping in the State of Florida, it’s a felony.”


We do not have all the facts about what happened in the Martin/Zimmerman case, but we have all the facts and evidence necessary to make arrests and obtain convictions in this one:



This video shows a clear and undeniable violation of both Florida State and Federal law.  It is illegal to solicit kidnapping and murder in both cases and that is what this video shows.  And once again, the Obama Administration’s DOJ does nothing.  US Attorney General, Eric holder – by not acting on this – clearly indicates that it is official US govt. policy to ignore racially motivated crimes where the accused is black.  This is now an established pattern with the Obama Administration, substantiating the claims by Federal Prosecutor, J Christian Adams, that this is the official policy of the DOJ per Obama’s direct order.


Then we have Al Sharpton demanding Zimmerman’s arrest at the threat of violence.  This is also against the law (Ohio statute given here):

2917.01 Inciting to violence.

(A) No person shall knowingly engage in conduct designed to urge or incite another to commit any offense of violence, when either of the following apply:

(1) The conduct takes place under circumstances that create a clear and present danger that any offense of violence will be committed;

(2) The conduct proximately results in the commission of any offense of violence.

(B) Whoever violates this section is guilty of inciting to violence. If the offense of violence that the other person is being urged or incited to commit is a misdemeanor, inciting to violence is a misdemeanor of the first degree. If the offense of violence that the other person is being urged or incited to commit is a felony, inciting to violence is a felony of the third degree.

Effective Date: 07-01-1996

(One of many related US statutes here)


Incidents such as this one:



Have led to more responsible persons to make appeals such as this:



Given the obvious and irrefutable proof that real, racially motivated crimes are being ignored by our government, isn’t it time we ask ourselves what we are allowing our society to become?  No one is saying the Martin-Zimmerman case isn’t a tragedy, or that it doesn’t deserve to be investigated properly.  It is, and it does, but that is a job for the local law enforcement officials to handle – and for our media to report on responsibly.  What is being allowed to happen in reaction to this case is actually establishing a de facto govt. policy that seems to imply blacks are immune from prosecution for racially motivated crimes while the full force of our govt. (and media) will be brought to bare on any non-white who is involved in a case where any black is said to be the victim.


If this is allowed to continue, then we will be faced with a system that uses the govt. to force the very conditions civil rights leaders claim to be fighting onto everyone in this nation who isn’t black.  Dear reader, that is called RACISM!  Only, in such a case, it would be officially  sanctioned by the govt.’s refusal to prosecute blacks who are clearly violating the laws of this nation.  How could any civil rights leader ever again complain about apartheid or racial prejudice and injustice in such an environment?  They couldn’t because the racism and injustice would be committed against non-blacks by blacks.  In short, they would be guilty of everything they ever accused whites of being and doing.


And if this is allowed to continue, doesn’t it actually incite racial resentment feelings on the part of non-blacks?  That’s the majority of people in this nation?  And isn’t the risk associated with this dangerous action so great and so apparent as to beg the question of whether or not that might actually be the goal of the people doing it: to start a race war?  What other reason could Obama possibly have for his comments and actions, and Holder have for his inaction – especially toward clear an repeated violations of the law by the Black Panthers?


And Gov. Scott is not to be excused, either.  The Black Panthers and Al Sharpton have committed clear violations of Florida State law, yet he has taken no action against the criminals who have issued a reward for kidnapping Zimmerman.  He should issue warrants and ask for the arrest and extradition of these perpetrators from whatever State they are in.  By not doing so, Scott presents the impression that he is afraid of these people and is giving in to their threats.  This can only embolden these people and lead to more threats.  If it also leads to violence and Florida State citizens are harmed as a reesult, then Scott should be removed from office and charged for having failed to do his duty to enforce State Law and protect Florida citizens – even Zimmerman.


We are playing with fire here, and Floria’s governor, Obama and Holder are both throwing gasoline on the flames.  By not upholding the laws of their State and nation – as they are both charged with the responsibility to do – they are inviting violence and establishing racism as official US policy.  That puts them both on the wrong side of right, but it also destroys the rule of law.  As for me, I want no part of it.  I want the rule of law enforced – period!  And if that means that Obama, Holder and Scott need to join Sharpton and the black Panthers in the defendant’s chair, so be it.  But if our govt. officials ignore what Obama and Scott are doing out of fear or secret motive, then God help us all.

8 thoughts on “More Proof of “Official” Obama/Govt. Racial Bias

  1. I am sure you are aware of the 1st Ammendment? As much as as I despise some of the comments coming from the NBPP (which by the way IS a hate group and unrelated to the original black panthers) there is nothing in this video that crosses that line. Indeed- I was at a gathering last night (for totally unrelated issues) where there were 9 current or former state and federal prosecutors- and this issue was raised and they unanimouusly agreed there was no case (but that this was an incredibly stupid move by the NBPP which will put them under even deeper investigation).

    And please- by all means go and look at the Stornfront forum, Some of the past comments and speeches by the Aryan Nation, the National Alliance, Some of the far right christian anti-abortion groups…Some have gone much much further then calling for a citizens arrest.

    And while I am not an expert on Florida law- in many, many states- once you have instigated a situation and created a situation where a “Reasonable person” would feel fear or feel threatened- your right to a self-defense defense goes out the window. And from Zimmermans own 911 call, as well as other eyewitness accounts- this is the case.

    Regardless- Zimmerman should never have been allowed to walk away that nite without trace evidence being collected.

    • The 1st Amendment is NOT a blanket immunity against committing a crime. Otherwise, conspiracy couldn’t exist.

      Also, telling me to go look at the Aryan nation is a diversion. THAT is the whole point of this post: that we have become a society that accepts the “two wrongs make it right” mentality.

      Nice try, but no dice. This BP action is a clear violation of Federal and FL State statute. THAT is the point of THIS post – NOT the Zimmerman case.

      • Um, no offense, but I thought drugsandotherthings made a good point (i.e. the radical political movements that are going on and NOT publicicized just so happen to NOT be from (gasp) the left!)

        • Fortunately, those groups mentioned by DAOT have been marginalized by most right thinking Americans. The reason you don’t read about them in the news is because they are a very very small percentage of the American populous and are pariahs in the communities they live in for the most part.

          The NBPP, on the other hand, is making national news along with the reverend Al Sharpton in their movement to instigate racial unrest in our cities and towns. What they are doing is what’s called…” Making a terroristic threat”, which is punishable by law in every state I’ve ever lived in. I can give you an example…One of my daughters made a written threat against an adult friend of mine in a note she left for him. He notified Police and she was warned about making threats like that and that she could be prosecuted if my friend wanted to make a case of it.

          The NBPP, Al Sharpton and others of their ilk are promoting racial violence and that is against the law!

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