Personal – But FUNNY (If You Know/Follow Me)

Just thought I’d share a little bit about a three hour conversation I had today. I was accused of being an irrational post-modernist. The whole time this gentleman I was debating was trying to tell me I was a post-modernist, I was thinking of the RNL crowed. Oh, I know there are a few on here who would agree with this guy, but the majority of you here have most often accused me of being too rigid and too unyielding. So, when he told me I was being entirely inconsistent, irrational and self-contradictory, I thought of you guys here (especially you, Kells) and smiled my butt off. Inside, I was ROTFLMAO.

Just HAD to share this with you guys. Imagine: me thinking there is not set reality or right/wrong in this world. Whoda thunk it? 😀

5 thoughts on “Personal – But FUNNY (If You Know/Follow Me)

  1. Three hours? THREE HOURS? Sheesh! Here I thought only your posts were a three-hour tour, Gilligan! Admittedly, I would’ve loved to have been on the line to hear every word, but that’s just cause I’m nosy. Just out of curiousity, (nosiness) why did this fella peg you as a post-modernist?

    • LOL, well, it boils down to this: he couldn’t follow what I was trying to explain, so I MUST be a post-modernist who doesn’t understand there is absolute truth and logical consistency in this world.

      I liked the guy, but, as you like to point out, I am a brute. He couldn’t hang with the gorillas, so he had to find a way to make it my fault. 😉

      • I don’t know exactly what your argument was about since you are avoiding being specific, but you just made me think on this scene (not that I’m a geek or anything) from Star Wars. Listen to Obi-Wan’s first line….(Dang! I promise I’m not a geek!)

        • Nice, but Obi-Wan’s comment is an absolute. So does that make him a syth?

          If you must know, the topic was Calvinism vs. the Biblical evidence for the free will of man. Happy now?

  2. No offense, but you’ve obviously misinterpreted Obi-Wan. Use the Force, young Padawan.

    The Biblical argument would be fun to chat about…….especially if I happened to take your buddy’s side 😉 Course, you Baptists are a crazy lot. 🙂

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