Iran and Prophecy?


Strong Religious AND Politically Incorrect Content

I had not seen this story before I posted my piece, Yahweh is not Allah, but it adds a great deal of support to my arguments in that previous post:

Are Iran’s Actions Setting the Groundwork for the Fulfillment of Biblical Armageddon?

Psalm 83 predicts defeat for those who will attack Israel, particularly those intending to “wipe her off the map.” Iran’s president, Mahmoud Amadinijad has repeatedly made that specific promise. In fact, he has repeatedly lectured the General Assembly of the United Nations during his annual addresses to that body, telling them that the Shi’ite messiah, the “Hidden Imam” is about to return to Earth to establish worldwide Islam – but cannot return until Iran has eliminated Israel.

This is worth reading:

Keep in mind, Ahmadinejad has not only said he will push Israel into the sea, he has claimed to have spoken to the Mahdi, Islams messiah figure, and that the Mahdi is on his way back out of the well.  This means Ahmadinejad is telling Muslims that the end times are at hand and that he intends to hurry the end along by causing global chaos.

It doesn’t matter whether you believe any of this: what matters is that he does – and that Obama has made it U.S. policy to allow this man to pursue nuclear weapons simply because he has said he wouldn’t.  Our founders would have seen the warning signs: we won’t – because we’ve turned our backs on God.

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