Reagan Gives Obama a Smack-Down

For the sake of this post, let’s just accept the claims that Obama is the smartest President we’ve had since — oh, however long they claim.  If they say smartest ever, all the better.  Now, consider this story:


Obama Quips: Reagan Was a ‘Wild-Eyed, Socialist, Tax-Hiking Class Warrior’

President Obama made a startling exclamation Wednesday at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building by suggesting that his new Buffett rule — increased taxes for the highest income earners — was the same “concept” as what Ronald Reagan would have “called for.“ He also went on to jokingly call the conservative hero a ”wild-eyed socialist.”

Read the rest here:


If Obama had clearly said he was referring to Governor Reagan, while he was in his first term as the governor of California, then I’d have nothing to say to Obama because he would have been correct.  But in the context Obama made this comment, it is an intentional and deliberate lie!


Reagan later said that his support for abortion and many other socialist policies had been misguided, and that he supported these things because he had been young, immature and naive.  By the time he ran for President, Reagan had firmly and thoroughly rejected socialism, and as “the smartest President ever,” Obama knows this.  That makes Obama’s comment a clear and intentional lie.  But I don;t have to defend Reagan against Obama because Reagan already answered these charges, himself:



Still, I can hear Obama telling us that he was referring to the 1960’s Reagan, as though that were the same Reagan all of America came to know and love.  And because he is a post modernist, Obama would probably even believe this.  Post modernists can easily convince themselves we are living in 1960’s California while voting in 2012 America.  This would not be an indication of superior intellect because it is not reality.  In fact, it would be an indication of mental infirmity.  So, either Obama lied, or we need to have a discussion about the 25th Amendment!

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