Tying things Together

I seem to have struck a chord with my posts this week because I have been receiving a bit of push-back from friends who are convinced that I am being deceived, or have bought some hateful argument from people who do not have this nation’s best interest at heart. This makes my heart break because I am not drinking anyone’s Kool Aid, I am trying to wake my friends and the RNL readers to what is happening in America, who is behind it and why they are doing it. I present what I believe to be enough evidence to support my case and ask people to do the rest for themselves, but I still hear claims that I have not presented enough proof. I wish I could explain how disheartening this is, but then, I remember the Israelites made a golden calf when they could see the clouds and lighting of God on the mountain before them. I shouldn’t expect us to be any different.


So, OK, as to the claims that my latest posts connecting the NBP, Farrakhan’s nation of Islam and Obama’s friends and advisers to a campaign to bring down this nation, I would like to offer these two clips. WATCH THEM!


Farrakhan warns of a militia that is training to wage war against the U.S. govt. if there is a “Kent State” incident connected to the OWS campaign this summer:



MSNBC contributor, Donny Deutsch, says the OWS campaign NEED a “Kent State Moment;”



THIS is why I see connections: because the evidence of purpose and coordination is everywhere – IF YOU WILL JUST OPEN YOUR EYES AND LOOK FOR IT!

Talk Amongst Yourselves:

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