Working Girl

With all of this talk about Romney’s wife being a SAHM (stay-at-home mom), I got to thinkin about what guys and gals think on this. If you haven’t heard the scoop, I’ll hunt it down….. Here:

I don’t really give a fat rat’s tiddley-boomp about the political aspect of this argument; I’m more curious what people think in general. In other words; is being a SAHM not a full-time job? Now, if you’re uber-wealthy does that somehow lessen the responsibilities of your job? Lastly, what is the most important aspect of this job?

5 thoughts on “Working Girl

  1. Kells: there is no doubt that having money makes life easy but I personally have known very few wealthy people who are lazy. We have a few very wealthy friends from Park City where the main breadwinners (one is the husband, the other the wife) work vary hard to keep creating the wealth that they enjoy. The partner who doesn’t “work” spends their time devoted to family and charity and probably puts in more hours a week without a paycheck than most who draw one.

    Ann Romney isn’t being attacked for not having a “job”, she is being attacked for having wealth. The great hypocrisy in this is that the people spearheading the attacks on her are all wealthy, too.

  2. For myself, when I stayed at home, it was a lot of work. I suppose if I had been extremely wealthy, I would’ve used the opportunity to take the boys out more often by having someone else do the cleaning. (A task which I seem to be allergic to.) At that time, my sisters were working, so I always took all the boys on adventures. (Yes, I was a bad influence.) I don’t believe I could’ve relegated the cooking tasks to anyone as that is something I enjoy.

    Hmm…. the Dems did apologize for this, but the cat’s been let out of the bag. Two words for that: It backfired.

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