Rule 5: Foxy Roxy

Been a while since I had time to toss together a proper Rule 5 for the site, so I thought I would indulge my habit (obsession?) for a bit.

For my first effort in my time of semi-retirement, may I present Roxanne Pallett, aka Foxy Roxy.

Roaxnne is described by her IMDb page as:

Roxanne Pallett is a British actress, best known and loved for playing Jo Stiles (Sugden) in ITV’s Emmerdale (2005-2008). Her portrayal as the feisty character who won and broke the hearts of the nation as the victim of 2010’s biggest domestic abuse storyline on screen, which then earned the actress 6 nominations and huge critical acclaim for her emotional performance as the vulnerable Jo. Pallett decided to leave the show in Jan 2009 to ‘earn her stripes and discover new characters’ and after starring in ITV’s “Dancing On Ice” Season 4, wowing audiences with her impressive dare devil moves such as the ‘head banger’, Pallett then treaded the boards in three lead consecutive theatre roles, 1950’s musical “Rock Around The Clock’, Eve Ensler’s sell out UK tour “The Vagina Monologue’s” and two-hander play “Satin ‘n’ Steel”, winning as much credibility and popularity on stage as she did previously on screen.

Enjoy the shots below but there are even more pics on Foxy Roxy’s official website.

bobbelvedere at TCOTS has Rosamund Pike, another fav of mine and a fine UK talent.

3 thoughts on “Rule 5: Foxy Roxy

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