The Conversation on Race

A Facebook favorite of mine, Jan Morgan – a conservative lady from the Great State of Texas – goes off on Eric Holder’s politicized and racist DOJ. Subscribe to her on Facebook and have a listen:

There is a disturbing trend that is continuing in America and that is the inability of the Caucasian majority to step up and define situations as racially motivated, especially when they are perpetrated by a racial minority. Witness this beating of a white man by 20 blacks and the law enforcement reaction to it:

Yet law enforcement claims that it wasn’t racially motivated.

I really don’t care about race…I don’t make racial profiling a part of my daily live and I do not think in terms of racial divides but there are groups in America seeking and being rewarded with power by virtue of continually dividing us along racial lines by activism, cultural separation and political opportunism. It’s not about race at all, it is about power.

In the 40’s and 50’s young black Americans emulated the dress and customs of the greater American culture. As did the majority of “whites”, they dressed in coat and tie, their parents taught them manners and they valued education – all common values of all Americans regardless of race, creed or color.

But in the turmoil of the 1960’s and the concordant civil rights unrest, all that changed. Legitimate claims of racism and discrimination were met not with equality but patriarchal programs created by a “white” majority for two reasons, one honorable and just, the other insidious and evil. The former was a drive for equal access and true equality, a manifestation of the ideals of Martin Luther King that truly “all men are created equal”. The latter was an attempt to pacify a radical minority by bribery – affirmative action, preferential treatment and promises of government largess in exchange for fealty to a “progressive” agenda and its progenitors and purveyors.

These two approaches were (and are) vastly different in the level of effort and individual sacrifice required to achieve their stated goals.

The honorable and just approach required the majority of America to level the playing field, to insure the environment for open and honest competition where, to paraphrase the words of Dr. King, a man could be judged by the content of his character, not the color of his skin. In short, to be true to the ideals expressed in our founding documents. This approach would demand much more of black Americans as they would be required to overcome a hundred years of second class citizenship (and there can be no denial that is exactly the case) through individual effort to compete to prove their equality and worth to society. On an individual level, one at a time, they would have to overcome generations of racial prejudice that had been fostered by government and society alike.

White Americans faced the same challenges as America expanded due to ethnic prejudices that were rampant as immigrants poured into the new country (i.e. “Irish Need Not Apply”) and had similar paths to walk, those paths also taking hundreds of years to overcome – women have fought a similar battle. As examples, when JFK was running for election in 1960, one of the questions about him was whether or not America would elect a Roman Catholic president and if he would be more loyal to the Pope than the Constitution. We have it today in the questions that are starting to bubble up about presumptive Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, and his affiliation with the Church of Latter Day Saints (the Mormons).

I point this out, not to minimize the civil rights struggle of blacks in America, only to recognize that blacks are not the only racial, ethnic, gender or religious class that has been subject to organized cultural and economic discrimination in America. The difference being that no class has benefited more from massive government programs and preferential treatment than black America in the attempt at corporate remediation of that discrimination…not the Irish, the Polish, the Roman Catholics or women have seen the level of preferential treatment that blacks in America have.

The second and more insidious and evil approach was to give in to racial bribery and pay-offs in the form of affirmative action, preferential treatment and promises of government largess via social and welfare programs. This was the easiest path for a “progressive” culture burdened with “white guilt” – it has amounted to the equivalent of a culture of extortion where powerful whites adopted the position that if “we just pay them, they will go away”…and for 40 or 50 odd years, the leadership of black America accepted those bribes in exchange for the fealty I previously mentioned to a “progressive” agenda and its progenitors and purveyors. The problem is that this approach required nothing of the black community because the equality was a false construct of a “progressive” power base that never was interested in equality, they were only interested in keeping blacks on the “plantation” so that the party of “progressivism”, the Democrats, could count on this basis of support. For years they have kept the black population in line with the threat of the opposition party taking away the goodies while promising even more.

Via Carpe Diem.

This second approach has led to a culture of welfare dependency and entitlement in the black community and has done virtually nothing to facilitate true equality…it has actually furthered the divide between the races. The perceived protection of this shield of entitlement has caused a sort of social deviation as the black community sought to define a cultural identity under this regime rather than pursue the goals of the dominant culture (as they did up until the 60’s), sharing the same values of success, self-worth and achievement as that culture. This deviation is expressed in the radical counter-culture affectations of the “thug life” and the glorification of drugs, sex, “bling” and taking white women as trophies by popular rap black artists – if you don’t believe me, have a look at the video for “Otis” by Jay-Z and Kanye West – two very rich black men,who somewhat paradoxically, are supporters of OccupyWallStreet – and tell me what the message is…it is such a powerful message that this culture easily crosses over to the dominant “white” culture.

This process culminated in the explosion of a perspective that electing a black president was a “Now we have a black man in the White House, we are gonna get ours” moment. Remember Peggy Joseph?

But the larger black community has noticed that this process by the “progressive” power structure has failed…but instead of looking to the first, more effective and just solution, the patronizing white “progressives” and black leadership seeks even more separation and division. Race hustlers like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Louis Farrakhan have aligned themselves with black separatists/black nationalists/communists like Jemimah Wright and Van Jones in an attempt to extract payments due from their “progressive” masters.

Being the masters of political diversionary tactics, the “progressives” seek to divert this anger and disappointment from the black community toward conservatives, the Trayvon Martin case is an example, as is the recent DOJ suit against the Jacksonville, Florida Fire Department testing program. The sell the idea that somehow the past 50 years have been a success and that if it isn’t the only reason is the obstructionist conservatives who kept them from giving away more – sounds a lot like the  same arguement that Obama is using against the Republicans in Congress as the election gets closer, doesn’t it. Both arguments do share a commonality – they are illegitimate on their face. It is the same kind of idiotic reasoning that gets you this VanJonesy little slice of Heaven via Stacy McCain: Obama’s Problem? ‘Being So Bipartisan’!, proving, once again, that the Left will go to any extreme of illogic to explain away Obama’s failures…on anything.

I got news for you Van – it ain’t that he is failure because he is black, he is a failure because he is a “progressive” and this nation isn’t built that way.

It is time for us to have that vaunted conversation about race. Conservatives aren’t the one’s afraid to have it – the “progressive” establishment and the black leadership are the ones who do everything to prevent it. They can’t afford to have the conversation because it will expose 50 years of lies and failure to honestly promote true equality.

4 thoughts on “The Conversation on Race

  1. This second approach has led to a culture of welfare dependency and entitlement in the black community and has done virtually nothing to facilitate true equality…it has actually furthered the divide between the races.

    This is nothing less than a modern day plantation system, only the people who devised and control this one are ingenious in that they figured out how to get their slaves to WILLINGLY stay on the plantation AND defend their masters at the same time.

    (note: if you want to accuse me of racism for that comment, STUFF IT! I happen to know as many or more WHITES are on this plantation than blacks, so this is not a racial plantation, it is ideological).

    GOOD JOB, Utah!

  2. Our old friend, Rev. Dr. James David Manning presents a short presentation…..

    Take a look at this when you have time. It’s well worth the time. Talk about calling a spade a spade (no pun intended)!!!

    The video is not for whites, it’s for “Ghetto Bastards” as so stated in the clip. The guy calls it like it is and makes valid points. Too bad it’s not for white people because it sure could apply to a bunch of them also.

    • That was good, but the people he is talking to will simply push him into the corner with Bill Cosby and everyone else who has tried to deliver this message.

      Thanks for the link.

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