The B.’s Knees?…….uh-uh

Because B. devoted a post to me, I thought I would do likewise and dedicate a Top 5 list for him. These are the Top 5 reasons B. consistently gets on my nerves and causes me to lose my temper:

1) While trying to be sly when demeaning you, he will end a sentence thusly: 🙂

2) When making a point, he has a terrible habit of screaming (I mean, SCREAMING,) his argument.

3) If you are pressed for time, please be forewarned: War and Peace is a quicker read than most of B.’s posts.

4) If you have a very good argument, he will say it’s not welcome at TRNL. (Extreme hypocrisy!)

5) Probably the most annoying thing is that he has this “caveman” attitude. (Grab the girl by the hair; bash the boy with your club!)

I will be more than happy to defend everyone from this brute. Let’s be honest, B.; you know that you will rue the day when I put you in your place! Gosh! Could you be taken down by lil ole me??

Yep. Pour tu… 🙂

(Naturally, I’ll be easy on you if you do that line break thingy.)

13 thoughts on “The B.’s Knees?…….uh-uh

  1. You, take ME down? HA! 🙂

    No way, Jose: you will have been bashed over the head and drug off to the cave – remember? 😉

    (There, I hit 4 out of 5 in just 23 words and 2 smileys???)

    • Nope, I’m perfectly willing to grant you that, and G, FC and even Dusty had best be ware – maybe even Utah should hold some slight concern. But I have no fear — because I know I’m not a ‘silly’ boy. Oh, and you have even said so to a commenter on the RNL, so don’t deny it now ‘;-)

      • Let me sit on your lap and show you how much mummy loves you……then, again naughty thoughts enter my mind……. spankings and the like….. This, of course, is all due to B. He has this “mentality”, you see. (This being the “I’d-really-like-to-slap-the-sh** -out-of-you” mentality.) It has caused me extreme emotional setbacks…….

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