This Is Why We Have Been Conversing On Race…

…because it will be used as an election issue.

A man who got 95% of the black vote to McCain’s 4% while winning the office of the President of the United States and scored 52.9%/46.7% in the popular vote and 365/173 in electoral votes is still a victim of racism after four years in office…or so says the New York Times:

This is the land of die-hard Democrats — mill workers, coal miners and union members. They have voted party line for generations, forming a reliable constituency for just about any Democrat who decides to run for office.

But when it comes to President Obama, a small part of this constituency balks.

“Certain precincts in this county are not going to vote for Obama,” said John Corrigan, clerk of courts for Jefferson County, who was drinking coffee in a furniture shop downtown one morning last week with a small group of friends, retired judges and civil servants. “I don’t want to say it, but we all know why.”

A retired state employee, Jason Foreman, interjected, “I’ll say it: it’s because he’s black.”

For nearly three and a half years, a black family has occupied the White House, and much of the time what has been most remarkable about that fact is how unremarkable it has become to the country. While Mr. Obama will always be known to the history books as the country’s first black president, his mixed-race heritage has only rarely surfaced in visible and explicit ways amid the tumult of a deep recession, two wars and shifting political currents.

At least they do in the first paragraphs, the ones that people read when skimming a paper – but later in the article, they say that it the impact of racism really can’t be proven:

Researchers have long struggled to quantify racial bias in electoral politics, in part because of the reliance on surveys, a forum in which respondents rarely admit to prejudice. In 50 interviews in this county over three days last week, 5 people raised race directly as a reason they would not vote for Mr. Obama. In those conversations, voters were not asked specifically about race, but about their views on the candidates generally. Those who raised the issue did so of their own accord.

Oh, wait. Maybe America isn’t racist:

But the main quarrels Democratic voters here have with Mr. Obama have nothing to do with race. They include his rejection of one proposed route for the Keystone pipeline, a stance they say will harm this area, whose backbone, the Ohio River, is lined with metal mills and coal mines.

And the economy, on the rise nationally, is still stuck here. About one in three residents in Steubenville live in poverty, double the national rate. Shale gas, which has begun to bring profits to some counties in Ohio, has yet to take off here, and downtown is a grid of empty storefronts behind dusty glass.

“The big word was ‘change,’ but there’s not been much of that,” said Christopher Brown, a union leader in Steubenville, who said more than 200 of his members were still out of work. “Members are saying, ‘What has President Obama done for us?’ ”

As for race, he said, “It’s not on the front table, it’s in the back seat.”

But wait again, we are a nation of racists after all:

“I’ll just come right out and say it: he was elected because of his race,” said Sara Reese, a bank employee who said she voted for Ralph Nader in 2008, even though she usually votes Democrat.

Did her father, a staunch Democrat and retired mill worker, vote for Mr. Obama? “I’d have to say no. I don’t think he could do it,” she said.

“He’s everything they hate,” she said, referring to ultraconservatives. “An affirmative-action baby. Got the Nobel Prize without deserving it.”

Many who raised race as a concern cast Mr. Obama as a flawed candidate carried to victory by blacks voting for the first time. Others expressed concerns indirectly, through suspicions about Mr. Obama’s background and questions about his faith.

“He was like, ‘Here I am, I’m black and I’m proud,’ ” said Lesia Felsoci, a bank employee drinking a beer in an Applebee’s. “To me, he didn’t have a platform. Black people voted him in, that’s why he won. It was black ignorance.”

Just for good measure, they throw in a few quotes from a woman who says that she was discriminated against in a job search:

Stephanie Montgomery, who is black and a graduate of Franciscan University in Steubenville, said her race came up so often in her job search in this area that she developed a technique for recognizing when it was happening. The sign: when warmth on the phone turns cool in person, and “they lose eye contact with you.”

“You almost need a corporate environment to get  a fair shot,” she said while standing at a job fair in the Steubenville mall.

So all we have to go on as evidence for this illegal behavior is Stephanie’s “technique”… we don’t know if Steph turned up in dirty jeans, she was unqualified, belligerent or picked her nose during the personal interview – but that is enough for the Times. Stephanie voted for McCain, so it must be racism if she says it is:

She said that she did not vote for Mr. Obama in 2008 because she preferred Mr. McCain’s more conservative platform, but that Mr. Obama seemed to be a lightning rod for criticism, in part because of his race.

There you go, the definitive voice of conservative Republican authority on racism – Stephanie Montgomery.

The Times seems incurious as to how a 95% share of 12% of the population isn’t racist. I’ve made the point before that voting for someone because of skin color alone is just as racist as voting against them for the same reason.

Race is an issue because the Obama camp will make it one. That is why TRNL has been promoting the conversation on race that Obama promised to have but never has.

Get ready for more of this hackery, it is just going to get worse.

5 thoughts on “This Is Why We Have Been Conversing On Race…

  1. It’s all very silly, really. I would vote for Condoleeza Rice over Obama. Naturally, that would cause you boys (especially B.) to have heart attacks since my choice would be a female candidate!

  2. I would vote for nearly ANYONE over OWEbozo, including nearly any member of the entire black race. I would rather have a total and complete imbecile as POTUS rather than a socialist.

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