First JuliaFAIL, Now This?

And the Lenin/Stalin propaganda machine inspired “Life of Julia” is a total and absolute epic FAIL. Go look at the Twitter comments, some are hilarious. Go have a look at what James Taranto wrote at the WSJ.


President Obama and the First Lady will officially kick off the 2012 campaign with with rallies at Ohio State University in Columbus and Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond on Saturday, May 5.

It turns out, however, that May 5 also happens to be the birthday of Prussian philosopher Karl Marx, the man who wrote the Communist Manifesto.

An item posted this week at the Freedom Post blog noted:

First, we learn that Earth Day was started on the birthday of Vladimir Lenin, the Communist butcher and founder of the USSR, now we learn that Barack Obama, America’s first Marxist president, is launching his campaign on the father of communism’s birthday?  Come on, now.  This is just too appropriate!  How fitting!

Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey notes that Julia was “the name of the lead female character in George Orwell’s 1984.”

Recently, Obama chose the slogan “Forward,” for the 2012 campaign – a slogan that has deep roots in European marxism and communism.

Sam Webb, the chairman of the Communist Party USA, called Obama a “friend” in 2008, and gave high praise to his jobs plan last year.  Last August, Webb gave a thumbs-up to Obama’s re-election, as did former Soviet dictator Mikhail Gorbachev.

Coincidence?  Possibly, but the more one looks at Obama, the more connections one finds with the ideology that has killed over 100 million worldwide while enslaving many millions more.

Semantics matter. No matter how much they try to mask the intent, they mean the same things as they did when the Marxists used them 60 years ago. I don’t understand why we are not supposed to take “progressives” at their word and are expected to believe them when they say, “that’s not what that means”. Marxism is not progressive and has never moved anything one inch forward.

But back to the Obama campaign “launch” (even though he never really stopped) at Ohio State University.

Attendance at the launch of Obama’s Marxist branded campaign, Forward, was a little lighter than in the heady days of HopenChange. It should also be noted that MSNBC’s slogan is Lean Forward.

Alexander Marlow at Breitbart’s Big Government chronicles the launch fail so we don’t have to:

Barack Obama launched his campaign in unspectacular fashion today at Ohio State University, the largest college in the crucial swing state. A photo posted to twitter by Mitt Romney’s campaign spokesman Ryan Williams reveals sparse attendance. The above image, according to Williams, was taken during the President’s first official campaign speech.

During the speech, Obama ripped into the presumptive GOP nominee and discussed nation building at home, but the most newsworthy item of the day was not the talking points Obama delivered: it was the crowd… or lack thereof. According to ABC News, the Obama campaign had expected an “overflow” of people. Instead, the arena looked half-empty. The Columbus Dispatch reports that Obama organizers even had people move from the seats to the floor of the gym in order to project a larger crowd on television.

Even Glenn Kessler, the “fact check” blogger at the Washington Post is begging Obama to pull his head out of his anal orifice:

So, with the presidential election looming in exactly six months, I would like to issue a challenge to you both: Give at least one campaign speech, on a substantive policy issue, lasting at least 15 minutes, that does not contain a single factual error or misstatement. That means no sugar-coating of your record, no exaggerated claims about your opponent’s record, and no assertions that are technically true but lack crucial context. If you do, not only would you win the ultimate Geppetto Checkmark — which I award on those rare occasions of complete accuracy — but you would earn the gratitude of the American people, who are eager for hard truths.

Of course, he implicates Romney in these “untruths” but when you realize that these media “fact checkers” can award Obama a score of “Mostly True” for an obfuscation and Romney a “True but False” designation for a true statement, it is telling that by including Obama in the exhortation, the fact is that they are targeting the President more so than his challenger.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I am seeing the signs of panic in the Obama camp and his fellow travelers. I’m beginning to think that the media is covering for The One. They would never do that, would they?

4 thoughts on “First JuliaFAIL, Now This?

  1. I must thank you. I’ve shamelessly stolen from you and your links and written my own post. I suppose it is suitable for here, although it is nothing new here….. I can just delete it if it’s a drag, I suppose….

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