People that know me, know I am an unapologetic conservative. This morning, I was over at @godlessliberal (before church, nonetheless!) watching a comedic clip bashing Republicans. The funniest thing about it was having a British actress as the lead. 😉 I will happily take you step-by-step through the hypocrisy of the progressive mind (Note that I didn’t say Democratic; for there are plenty of progressive Republicans.)

For your viewing pleasure, may I present our lovely progressive model, Julia? I will then follow her up with our lovely conservative model, Julianne. Perhaps, you will understand the way I think. These are both very short reads. Enjoy!

Life of Julia

Life of Julianne

5 thoughts on “Julia/Julianne

  1. If we had more Juliannes and less Julias, we wouldn’t be in the position we are ……………….
    I can’t imagine a Julianne voting for a community organizer with ZERO financial experience.

  2. Funny…just as Julianne was read to as a youngster, our oldest granddaughter who lived with us until she was about 13, was read to as a wee tot mostly by me. She was able to read on her own by the age of six and has done very well in school. She even made the “Who’s Who” book a couple of years back.

    • If I told you what I won in the Who’s Who, I would be banned from this site. Oh, enough of my shenanigans with you in high school….. when are ya gonna post here, Guy? (I have connections, but I’d rather not keep bringing up the whole Who’s Who thing.)

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