A few minutes ago, The Rio Norte Line had its 1,000,000th hit. This is a fantastic milestone achieved in roughly 17 months and we greatly appreciate the support of our readers. Thank you for your time and attention to what we write here – it may not always be right but it will always be right…at least politically.

We are interested in sharing with you what we think and the emotions that we feel about this great country of ours – and we (mostly me) will throw in something nonsensical or titillating (again, mostly me) just for variety.

Where else can you read side by side posts about large mice testicles and the Austrian school of economic theory?

I mean, really…Instapundit or Drudge can’t touch that…the variety, not the mice testicles, of course – that would just be wrong.

Thanks again and please keep coming back until we hit 2,000,000.


6 thoughts on “1,000,000

  1. Bravo and Congratulations!!

    Enough with the niceties. No offense, but I thought I was the great and all-powerful titillator (this of course being due to the fact that I have double DD’s and well………….you don’t!) Then again, there may be more to you than we know……. (or want to know……..)

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