Another Feather for Beck is a Warning for Conservatives

Beck told us we would see a return of NAZI-like political movements in Europe.  I believe he even told us it would start in Greece, but I can’t be sure about that one.  But the point here is two fold.  First, how many more times must the man be vindicated before people start to listen to him?  Here’s the story you probably will not see in the U.S. media that proves Beck was correct about his prediction regarding national socialism:


‘It’s Time for Them to Be Afraid’: Greek ‘Neo-Nazi’ Party Leader Lashes Out at ‘Traitors’ as He Calls for Revolution

(The Blaze/AP) — The leader of an extreme-right, anti-immigrant party on course for shock success in Greece’s general elections Sunday lashed out at those he described as “traitors” responsible for the country’s financial crisis and said his party was ushering in a “revolution.”

The far-right Golden Dawn party is set to win 7 percent of the parliamentary vote, according to early projections, as Greeks punished the traditionally dominant parties who backed harsh austerity measures tied to debt-relief agreements.


Now, here is the second point, and a point where American conservatives need to take notice.  The section of the story I quoted above is the essence of what Hitler used to seize power.  It is also the essence of the American conservative movement: an emotional attachment to issues such as national sovereignty, anti-illegal immigration, and a general support for the military.  The warning is easy to see.  If American conservatives are not careful, they could easily be caught up in a reactionary movement based on the emotion of these issues.  Wrapping one’s self in the flag is a classic characteristic of nationalism, but it is also closely related to true patriotism. The point to take away here – at least as I see it – is that those who call themselves ‘conservatives’ must be very, very careful to guard against this threat.  You should not be too willing to follow any leader who espouses these principles in the name of preserving America without first making dead sure that that leader is grounded in real support for the founding principles and ideals of this nation.  Otherwise, you may run the very real risk of finding out how the German people could have become so evil so quickly by first hand participation in such a transformation.


Talk Amongst Yourselves:

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