Insinuations Are Making Me Crazy

It has been insinuated that I never post ‘light-hearted’ posts because I don’t know how.  NOT SO! See?



(pssst, Kells, the title of this post was for you – because I hear the refrain from a song chorus in my hear at the time that goes almost exactly like that)

5 thoughts on “Insinuations Are Making Me Crazy

  1. Just got back from rehearsals and I’m in an incredibly good mood! : ) Not only do I get to kiss a handsome boy, I get to grope (in all the right places) another hansome boy! God, I love theatre…….

    Now, B., curiousity is killing the Kelly cat. What is the song? I can’t for the life of me imagine you so much as whistling a tune….

    • If you only knew. I paint (rather well), compose poetry (badly, I believe), write (you decide) and have even acted (yes, me). I am into literature, art and music, though – sadly – I couldn’t carry a tune if you put it in a bucket, slapped a lid and pad lock on it and then chained it into a wagon with outriggers. I drove my music teachers nuts until I finally got their hints (sad day in my young life).

      I once told you I’m a polymath. You either didn’t listen or didn’t believe me. Then again, you might have just figured I was bragging, but you know what John Wayne said about bragging, don’t you? 😉

  2. Not to be a braggadocio, but to be a braggadocio, (wonder if that’s what John Wayne said) I could teach you to sing and play the piano. Also, I happen to be a Polyanna, and am very adept at drawing stick figures. Too bad you’re not in this show. I get to slap a person a few times. I think that role would’ve suited you as you would not be able to handle the kissing and groping. I’m getting the giggles now because the poor fella was taken offguard when I kissed him last night. I believe, however, that practice makes perfect. 😉

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