Save Earth: Tax the Air You Breathe!!!

That’s right, the crazies want to start taxing the air you breath.  Read it for yourself:

Study: Big Economic Downturn Needed to Slow…Global Warming

“One solution that has promise is a carbon tax levied on any activity producing CO₂ in order to create incentives to reduce emissions,” Tapia Granados said.

This is how you get to the most massive murder in all of recorded history: when the tax fails, they will start looking for more ways to ensure the deaths of billions of people, and all in the name of saving their god – earth.  And just in case you do not believe they are already trying to kill people off, ask yourself why they banned DDT.  It had nothing to do with a threat to the environment: there is a scientist who proved this by actually ingesting massive amounts of DDT for an extended period of time with no ill effect.  Studies have confirmed this to be true: NO risk of using DDT – except it kills off malaria and would lead to the preservation of millions of lives every year.  The people who believe earth can only support 2 billion people (they necessarily being among that number, naturally) cannot tolerate such a massive saving of human life.  Ergo, DDT is evil and must be banned.

4 thoughts on “Save Earth: Tax the Air You Breathe!!!

  1. B, DDT was banned because of the effect of one of its metabolites, DDE, on the eggshells of certain birds, mainly raptors and most famously the brown pelican. That one DDT-scarfing scientist was being disingenuous, as people eating the junk was not the problem There was a pendulum effect, and DDT was banned completely, when all that was needed was to spray DDT on the walls of houses, which would not require amounts large enough to endanger raptor offspring, but would control the mosquito population..

  2. DDT, Fraud, and Tragedy

    The environmentalists’ ideological opposition to pesticides has no basis in science. It is a death sentence to millions.

    Your own admission shows that the DDT ban was more political than safety in its purpose. So, just like the global warming BS, we have yet another ‘scare’ that has no basis in science. And, even if there were reason for concern, the ban still places a greater value on birds over human life.

    BTW: G, THIS is how one refutes something. I did not demand you ‘prove it’ by posting some ‘facts,’ I went and did the work myself. Now you have to show how this article is wrong or accept that the DDT BS is just one in a long line of pseudo-scientific attacks on ‘progress’ (man, how I love the irony in that double entandre) 😀

    Incidentally, why the red herring over DDT when they are talking about taxing you for air? Do you not understand ‘they’ are claiming ownership of that air? How can that be possible? How can anyone ‘own’ the atmosphere?

  3. Black, David Peakall collected raptor eggshells from 1969 to 1973, and detailed the inverse relationship between the amount of DDE contained in the shell and its thickness.

    Jeffrey Lincer fed captive kestrels a DDE-laced diet and then compared their eggs with those taken from the nests of wild kestrels. Lincer found that dietary levels of three, six, and 10 parts per million (ppm) of DDE resulted in eggshells that were 14 percent, 17.4 percent, and 21.7 percent thinner respectively. “Despite the recent controversy, there can be little doubt now as to the causal relationship between the global contaminant DDE and the observed eggshell thinning and the consequent population declines in several birds of prey,” His results were published in Journal of Applied Ecology in 1975.

    Go find all the right-wing no-science-writing BS magazines you want, B, there are hundreds of them. I quoted two scientists who pooh-pooh your claim of no proof.

    The reason DDT became such a problem was the aerial spraying. If it is just sprayed on walls where the insects will land, the accumulations of residue are not so dangerous to the birds.

    And you should do some fact-checking, as DDT was banned for agricultural use, but is used in disease control in many African countries. In fact, There have been reports that bugs are becoming resistant to the effects of DDT.

    B, YOU are talking about taxing the air, no one else here. Taking an argument or statement about a bill to its most absurd point, then claiming that point to be the Goal of the bill is not the way to be taken seriously, or get an intelligent discussion going.

    • B, YOU are talking about taxing the air, no one else here. Taking an argument or statement about a bill to its most absurd point, then claiming that point to be the Goal of the bill is not the way to be taken seriously, or get an intelligent discussion going.


      I was depending on you to provide the example I needed to finish making my point about this story. All I had to do is give you enough time.

      Yes, there is some evidence that DDT is detrimental to birds, but the people who make their living saving everything BUT people are trying to ban it globally. You have pointed out that it can be used responsibly, but do we promote that? NO! We do this:

      DDT, Target of Global Ban, Finds Defenders in Experts on Malaria

      It’s literally ‘for the birds.’

      So, how does this DDT thing relate to the story above? Simple, they are calling for a tax on EVERYTHING that creates CO2 (their words – NOT mine). You create CO2 by breathing. Ergo, they want to tax the air you breath, or your ability to breath it. And I am confident they will find a way to tie this to health care, as well.

      DDT is one of many examples that have shown something with real value to HUMANS that can be used responsibly in spite of inherent problems will be banned instead. There is no doubt in my mind they will do the same here.

      Many years ago, Limbaugh told people they would come for their SUVs and people like you said he couldn’t be taken seriously. Today, they are coming for our SUVs. But they do it in ways that you do not see because you never look past the surface. CAFE standards, higher gas prices, ethanol (kills older vehicles) and plain old govt. funded campaigns against SUVs are how they do it – and are doing it. They will do the same with CO2 as the target and stopping global warming the supposed goal, but it has nothing to do with any of that – just like ending the RESPONSIBLE use of DDT has nothing to do with saving birds.

      Now, I know you will not see this, but I hope there will be a couple RNL readers who will see how this encideous encroachment on our liberty and even the lives of those deemed ‘excess population’ actually works in the real world.

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